Pro Tips On How To Create Perfect Online Ads

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Some will tell you that all there is to writing ads is using a little bit of imagination and knowledge about your product. If this was the case then every time you opened an online newspaper or browsed a website, you’d see a different advert with a different approach. The reality is though, that creating perfect ads is an art form that requires more than generic skills. It requires wisdom, knowledge, and a little wit to make sure that your ad is the one that rises above the rest.

The good news is that there are plenty of methods you can use to improve your success rate when it comes to writing ads. Therefore, here are some great tips for how to write successful ads.

Use the product’s name in the ad headline

This is the single most important element of any ad. It gives the reader the first hint as to what the purpose of your copy is, so spend time thinking about the words you are going to use. Make the biggest promise that you can within the space available, and be very specific in describing exactly what benefits the customer will get if they click on the link. Test different variations of headlines until you find one which gets a high CTR (click-through rate). You want links to your website then! This means that your advert has done its job successfully when it gets people onto your website; this is often measured by looking at the number of clicks on the advert or inquiries made via phone or email.

Don’t forget about landing pages

There are lots of elements that go into advertising software successfully. You’ve got to have a great headline, an interesting image, and well-written copy… but perhaps the most important element is your landing page. Without a good landing page to back up your ad, you could be wasting all your efforts because people won’t click on it if they aren’t sure what you’re offering or how it works.

If you don’t know much about designing effective landing pages then the best thing you can do is search for a software solution. This way you can find the right landing page builder that will suit your needs and follow the simple instructions to create landing pages quickly and with minimal effort. Take your time to do the research on which software is the best in your area of interest and has all the features you need. A good landing page builder can make all the difference when it comes to making successful ads.

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Include the USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

The USP is the difference between your product/service and the ones that are out there being offered by countless other companies. It’s the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd, whether it be due to excellent customer service levels or the fact that you are the cheapest on the market. Test different variations of this until you find one which stands out to your target audience, then place it in the headline for all it’s worth. With a little creativity, you can make any product jump off the page to grab attention!

For example, if your company offers flower delivery services then include words like “same-day delivery” in the headline. If yours is the only company that does this then the customer is more likely to be interested.

Make the CTA (Call To Action) as clear as possible

The purpose of the ad – whether it’s to make inquiries or direct the customer to the sales page – should be obvious from the copy. Even though this seems like common sense, you’d be surprised at the number of people who create ads and forget about the CTA altogether! If the job is to get them onto the website then say “click here” or similar; if they’re meant to pick up the phone then use “call now”. There should never be any confusion as to what the point of your advert is so do whatever you need to do to ensure that it comes across loud and clear.

Consider using pictures and numbers rather than words

By now, you know that the headline is one of the most important parts of your ad. You can boost your click-through rate even more by keeping it brief and including an image. For many people, looking at images instead of words is far more appealing, so this method can be extremely useful when it comes to generating interest. They feel more involved if there is something visually interesting happening on the page. This does depend on your target audience but for some, it can be a powerful way of generating interest in what you’re offering. If you want them to sign up then use pictures that show where they will be signing or clicking.

If the product is the sort that customers are likely to buy in bulk then the use of numbers can bring further impact to the ad. If you’re including the suggestion that the reader should order today for an offer that runs out by tomorrow then include a number – say 10 units – within the copy to make your point clear. This works particularly well because people are more likely to think “I need this” when they see the word “free” followed by a number!

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