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With an estimated population of 8.623 million faces in 2017, and an estimated 200,000 businesses small or large, it’s common for New York to advertise using mobile billboards as just another medium to speak to their sleepless population. The out-of-home marketing segment is one of the fastest and more effective ways to turn a business around today. Mobile billboards are used in New York, as they are anyplace, to maximize business exposure by delivering top messaging in targeted communities. We’re going to look at the mobile billboard companies that exist in New York and check out how they work, as well as list some important advantages that mobile billboards offer in a city as crowded, and cluttered, as New York.



Mobile billboards in New York maximize viewer exposure


Stop and Stare Mobile Media

One of the more popular and widely used mobile billboard companies in New York is Stop and Stare Mobile Media, specializing in mobile billboard marketing. They offer fleets of 10′ x 20′ billboard trucks that drive around targeted areas such as shopping districts, tourist attractions, and busy vehicle routes. In a one-week campaign, Stop and Stare advertisements generate about 250,000-400,000 impressions. They don’t use PPC, Geo Fencing, or Geo Targeting technologies, however. Not only advertising on mobile truck billboards, Stop and Stare also uses trailer rentals and brand ambassadors with backpack walking boards (a smaller billboard placed on a backpack) to speak to their targets. For mobile billboard advertisements, Stop and Stare offers weekly rates for their 20ft x 10ft flat panel trucks that start at $2275USD and end at $3300USD. They service local and national campaigns coast to coast. Stop and Stare gives New York advertising a fresh look. 


Mobile billboard marketing is a tool that New York knows to take advantage of


Bulldog Mobile Billboards

Based in Dallas, Texas, but with a large portion of their ad truck fleet in NYC, Bulldog Mobile Billboards owns and operates two sizes of billboard trucks, three sizes of glass walled display trucks, and LED ad trucks. Bulldog is instrumental in showcasing mobile billboard ads to a portion of North America. They have 900 campaigns to show for themselves, and offer billboard trucks, glass walled display trucks, and LED (digital) trucks to convey the messages their clients wish to feature. Bulldog caters to promoting companies during trade shows and conventions, new product rollouts, sporting events, holiday events, recruitment events, grand openings, and concerts.

Bulldog is adamant that customers will see their colorful, larger than life messages because they offer not only mobile billboards, but out-of-home guerrilla advertising as well. Utilizing over 170 vehicles nationwide, Bulldog offers LED truck advertising on the brightest digital trucks in the industry. Pulling from their website, they have found, through the RYP & Becker Group, that 80% of Americans say they have walked over 6 miles in metro areas. With this statistic in mind, it’s palpable that pedestrians should be exposed to mobile billboard advertising because they’re already taking the steps.


Bulldog uses glass walled displayed trucks to entice consumers


CNY Mobile Billboards

With operations headed in Syracuse, NY, CNY Mobile Billboards offers 10′ x 20′ large mobile billboards that are dual panelled, single panelled, and half panelled with full color graphics on heavy duty re-useable vinyl. Their motorized display allows them to rotate messages from one billboard to the next, targeted at populous routes and high profile events like the NY State Fair. CNY uses plexi-view trucks and fixed position trailers to advertise their bold messages throughout New York.

Unique to CNY, they have a Mobile Street Team that helps spread word about a given client’s business, product, event, or service. A hired group of enthusiastic people will hand out fliers, promotional items, and product brochures to targeted people in a certain setting. CNY’s Mobile Street Team also holds live demonstrations and gives out product samples as part of their multi-faceted marketing strategy.

CNY’s prominent clients include Dunkin Donuts, real estate agencies, and gym facilities such as Salt City Crossfit. They’re known to advertise in places such as SU basketball games, Crunch games, St. Patrick’s Day parades, and Winterfest. With custom designed routes, flexible contract duration, illuminated graphics, and product sampling, among other advantages, CNY Mobile Billboards is an unstoppable company that is taking other rural New York areas by storm.


Sports related advertising is something CNY takes a hold of


The Advantages of Mobile Billboard Advertising

Very quickly, let’s go through a few advantages of mobile billboard advertising that have many people curious:

– they’re not traditional; people like to see innovative, new designs showing them products or services of interest in the public eye

– they’re cost effective; they’re proven to have the lowest cost per impression

– they’re flexible; they work around an advertiser’s schedule, offering a range of contracts depending on length of campaign

– they’re highly customizable; mobile billboards target different areas at different times of the day, maximizing the number of eyes on them

– they’re attention grabbing; mobile billboards are viewed by 95% of people with a 91% recall rate and they generate 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard

– they perfectly reach your target audience; mobile ads go where your target is, and with a high retention rate


Experiential mobile billboards are a great way to connect with consumers wanting a lived-in experience of a given product


With all this mobile billboard New York related information in mind, it’s definitive that the city, as well as the state, embraces this advertising technology. Taking a look at Stop and Stare Mobile Media, Bulldog Mobile Billboards, CNY Mobile Billboards, and the key advantages of mobile billboard advertising, we are certain in saying that New York highly capitalizes off this growing market, and uses it to connect with residents and tourists in interesting ways.

What Movia Media Brings to New York

Our trucks are already appearing in New York, travelling through Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and other geographic locations making the most impact. We’re delivering fast impressions among New Yorkers by providing them with unique mobile advertising that ranges from educational recruitment to product knowledge. 

Ryerson University is making a splash in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx with the goal to reach out to Americans about educational opportunities in Canada with the Ted Rogers School of Management. This truck is generating an average of 62,055 daily impressions and 1,241,100 total impressions in the past month. This allows for a global reach of the well-established and well-known university in Toronto. 


Ryerson mobile billboard looking to recruit potential students in New York


Heat map of areas where Ryerson mobile billboard is hitting


Our UFC HaulerAd truck is generating an average of 68,499 daily impressions and 1,438,472 total impressions in the past month. It’s travelling through areas such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Hicksville. It’s heating up these places to promote the product among consumers armed to battle. 


Our UFC truck is aiming at consumers armed to battle


Heat map of UFC mobile billboard in New York


To promote closer to home, our Universal Orlando Movia Media truck is sweeping through areas like Manhattan and Brooklyn, generating an average of 58,737 daily impressions and 1,468,422 total impressions from the last month. The excitement of Universal Orlando, its theme parks, and its amenities is brightly displayed on our truck. 


Universal Orlando mobile billboard excites people passing by it


Heat map of areas targeted by the Universal HaulerAd


As you can see, we’re already working in New York to increase the sales and awareness of different ranges of business. We’re using WiFi signals from cell phones to count the impression data we receive, and we’re continuing to receive more everyday. Booming areas like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx are places we see that drive premium consumer value and lasting impressions. We are unique in New York because we provide stand-out impression data and live GPS analytics that create credible and profitable OOH mobile billboards in a business to business structure. For more information about hauling with us, check us out here


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