How much do LED Billboards cost?

In today’s world everything is digital, when it comes to billboards, up until a few years ago they used to be just big vinyl wraps covering billboards. Today vinyl billboards still exist but are slowly starting to be replaced by Digital billboards. Specifically, there are more LED billboards popping up around cities and rural areas. Compared to vinyl or painted billboards there LED billboards are quite expensive but they are worth the price. You are able to put out more content on a digital billboard that a regular billboard, or even a mobile billboard. They are also easier to update and once setup the maintenance and up keep of these billboards is very minimal. The cost for these billboards will vary depending on the size and specific features you would want to have on your LED billboard. For example, your simplest billboard that is 2X8’ can cost around $4,500. You must also have a creative and eye-catching ad to be implemented with a LED billboard advertisement. Having a basic ad will not grab a lot of impressions. It has to be bright and vibrant but also convey the message easily so that the consumer who is looking at it for that 30 seconds or less is understanding what the advertiser is trying to say within the illustrated advertisement.



nasdaq led billboard


Benefits of LED billboards

Compared to regular modern billboards LED billboards do have an advantage because the images or videos are more captivating because they are digital instead of one still image. The other benefits of a LED billboard it that it takes very little maintenance or power to keep them up to date. LED billboard advertising has proven to be one of the most cost efficient. Since these advertisements can be viewed clearly at day and night. When designed and tested correctly a LED billboard can do the job and spread the message and get impressions more quickly than a regular vinyl billboard. This form of outdoor advertising is the most effective approach and is a magnet for attention.


LED billboards cover the downtown of major cities


Disadvantages of LED billboards

One main disadvantage to LED billboards is that they can be quite costly. As mention earlier a LED can lead to be costing your company a huge sum depending on the location and the size of the billboard. Compared to other forms of advertising they can be very expensive. Another disadvantage would be the competitors within the same market as your company. You will have other companies that would pay more to cram more ads into the small spaces. A competitor company more eye attracting ad can easily make people forget all about your company’s ad. Another disadvantage to note is that right now LED billboards aren’t as mobile compared to traditional mobile billboards.



LED Billboards are Cost Effective


Are LED billboards the Future?

Although LED billboards are not mobile it is possible that one day we can see more Mobile LED billboards driving around major cities. Compared to traditional truck vinyl wraps it would cost a lot more to implement these LED billboards on the side of a box truck compared to a regular truck wrap. With Mobile LED billboards it would be a lot more beneficial to get more content out to those passing it. With mobile LED billboards however, they would require a lot more maintenance and service to keep them looking and performing good. We are so used to seeing LED billboards in certain areas of major cities such as Times square or Nathan Philips square and they have been shown to be extremely effective. If those ads were made mobile using box trucks then the amount of exposure that specific add can get could possibly double in impressions and get more exposure to those not in major cities. More rural areas or even other cars passing them on the highway.

LED billboards have increased in demand over the years and will continue to rise. Once someone has perfected a way to make them mobile, which they will, then this will be a game changer and soon you shall see a very lit and vibrant mobile billboard driving past you in your rural area very soon. Many companies are making great leaps in the form of out of home advertising area of mobile advertisements. Rather than having these bright eye-catching ads sitting stationary they would be more beneficial to companies trying to advertise their product or service. By giving them more exposure and allowing these mobile billboards to reach more people on a daily basis then sitting in one spot.




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