Vehicle Wraps, Billboards and Truck Ads- What do they have in common?

vehicle wraps, ttc advertising, outdoor advertising,mobile billboards

In the advertising industry, marketers are always looking for more efficient ways to generate visibility for their brands while keeping the costs low. Out of home (OOH) advertising is one of the great ways to create awareness for your business. According to the IBISWorld research, OOH advertising industry has been on the rise for the past 5 years and is expected to bring $997.7 million in revenue to the companies by the end of 2017.

Among the most popular formats of OOH advertising are static billboards, radio, street furniture and mobile billboards. Mobile billboards are advertisements which are placed on the moving vehicles, with which you can turn every traffic jam into a great marketing opportunity. Let’s look at the 3 most common types of mobile billboards: vehicle wraps, truck advertising and moving billboards.

Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps, ttc advertising, outdoor advertising,mobile billboards

Vehicle wraps are an advertising technique that implies partial or complete covering of a vehicle in a promotional poster. It can be painted or covered with a large vinyl sheet. Although streetcars, buses and trains are most commonly used for advertising wraps (due to their larger surface), cars can also serve as a promotion base.

Vehicle wraps can help businesses to reach a specific audience in the local vicinity and are great to promote local restaurants and bars, healthcare providers, professional services and other businesses. 

vehicle wraps, wrap advertising, outdoor advertising, mobile billboards


  • Attention grabbing: advertising wraps on cars are very bright and attract a lot of attention
  • Know your audience: public transit follows the same route every day, which makes it easier to identify the potential audience


  • Inconsistent surface: windows are in the way of placing a promotional sticker on the vehicle, which requires either to make a part of the advertisement transparent or separate it
  • Car damage: vinyl stickers can damage the surface of the vehicle if placed incorrectly, which might prevent car owners from offering their vehicles as a base for promotion.
  • High cost: public transit wraps are very expensive, especially when you are competing for the best ones
  • Low availability of vehicles: it can be hard to find car owners that are willing to decorate their cars with promotional stickers

Moving Billboards

moving billboard, truck advertising, mobile billboards, outdoor advertising, out-of-home advertising

Moving billboards are a type of OOH advertising that usually refers to the specifically designated trucks that are large, but also narrow, and are simply used for the commercial display. This category also includes advertising on bicycles with a cart attached behind. Moving billboards can be printed and can be digital with audio and/or visual effects added (usually used for concert and club promotions).

mobile billboards, digital moving billboard, digital truck billboard, truk advertising



  • Control over your campaign: since you are renting the vehicle for the advertising purpose it will follow the route you choose


  • Increased cost: digital moving billboards can be very expensive, as well as the printed billboards, since you are rentic the vehicle exclusively for the promotional service

Truck Advertising 

moving billboard, truck advertising, mobile billboards, outdoor advertising, out-of-home advertising

In truck advertising advertisements are installed on the sides of the trucks which are usually in service of delivering and transporting goods. Truck advertising is very simple in application (usually printed billboard sheets) and can be changed any time. Whether you want to cover one side of the truck or build a creative 3D advertisement truck advertising offers.

moving billboard, truck advertising, mobile billboards, outdoor advertising, out-of-home advertising


  • Low cost: this from of mobile billboard advertising offers the lowest cost-per impression
  • Grabs attention: a well design and creative truck billboard will attract a lot of attention and will be memorable to the audience
  • It’s noticeable: the surface of trucks is much bigger than any other form of mobile billboards and you can cover as much as you want
  • Broader reach: trucks can be travelling on a local, as well as on the international scale


  • While these trucks spend a lot of time on the road, they also spend certain time in docks unloading and loading cargo
  • Higher a higher set up cost can make these mobile billboard rates expensive for short term campaigns

Mobile billboards have a lot of benefits but also can have some disadvantages. In order to pick the right choice for your company you need to know what is your goal for the campaign and who is your target audience. While all forms of mobile billboards are very effective, truck advertising offers businesses the lowest cost-per-impression, which makes it attractive to small and big businesses and also will be a great addition to your advertising mix.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards have entered the OOH space as a hot commodity because of its versatility, creative capabilities and it’s positive impact on companies’ ROI. By seamlessly integrating virtual experiences and messaging into the everyday lives and outdoor journeys of target audiences. Digital billboards provide unique and lucrative opportunities for brands of any size to engage with customers as well as to collect customer data. They take story telling to another level by offering experiential and immersive moments that both captivate audiences as well as move them along the buyer funnel.


Vehicle wraps, billboards and truck ads offer many unique advantages to brands. When considering which option is best for your business, elements such as budget, brand goals and creative out put should be considered in order to make the most impact


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