The Pro’s and Con’s of Toronto Billboard Advertising


Toronto Billboard Advertising

With the current year ending, companies should be thinking about new strategies for promoting their brands for 2018. Have you considered using Billboard Advertising in your marketing plan? Well, you should.

To help you decide what to do, we’ll give you a list with some Pros and cons of this type of OOH ad in Toronto!

First, let’s understand what Out-of-home Advertising is. When you see any advertising when you are outdoors, you’re probably looking at one. It could be a static billboard, a moving billboard, or even a digital display. The examples are numerous! And so are the advantages.

For example, Toronto Billboard Advertising can have a massive reach. If you look at places with a significant circulation of people, these kinds of ads can make an impressive impact. If you want to go big but avoid paying enormous fees (like you would do with TV commercials), you now know what to choose.

Out-of-home advertising is an old and proven method of promoting your business. According to a study made by Nielsen’s OOH Survey, 7% of companies’ media budget goes to OOH campaigns, and it generates back 26% engagement. Learn more about it, here!

If you are interested in using this kind of media in your marketing plan, you should be aware of booking your space in advance, since finding a suitable space can be competitive.




Back in the day, it used to be hard to measure impressions of billboard ads, but technology has changed the way we advertise. Now we use track systems that can count the number of impressions of your advertisement so you can calculate your ROI and demonstrate the power of OOH advertising, there are also innovations in transit ads that use wifi and Bluetooth signals, cameras, and mobile tracking systems to collect data and impression of the viewers. If you’re interested in this subject, click here.

Of all Outdoor Advertising channels, billboards are the most remembered ones, but you know that many different types can add to your campaign. You can use bus wraps, mobile billboards, rail and subway media, posters, digital displays, transit shelters, taxis, etc. For a campaign full of impact you should think of using more than just one traditional media! Be creative!

Toronto is the perfect city for brands looking to deploy OOH components in their advertising campaign.  For instance, in the heart of Toronto is Dundas Square. An area that’s almost identical to the famously illuminated Times Square in New York. Dundas Square hosts dozens of massive and dazzling digital billboards that are fully available for brands to purchase and hyper-target consumers with. there are multiple brands, events, and movies that are showcased in the center of Dundas Square, the ads are digital which gives the ad more flexibility and liberty to change it in real-time.

So now you know more about Out-of-home advertising. If you have any questions about this subject, comment below or give us a call!

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