How much do led billboards cost?

A digital billboard that is similar in size to a traditional highway billboard costs between $50,000 and $250,000. The below image is the billboard size that will fall in this price range. The higher the resolution, the higher the price. Keep in mind that is only for a one-sided sign. Adding a second side will nearly double the price.


outdoor advertising billboard for the best advertising results


A smaller digital sign like the ones you may see at local retail establishments, school, churches, etc. are drastically less expensive. These signs can cost as little as $5,000 up to $15,000 for a full color display. Again, beyond just size, the price will depend on the resolution and whether it’s single or double-sided. This is an example of the type of sign that falls into this price range.

Image Enhancement Technology that automatically creates crisper looking graphics on our LED signs than traditional displays. Billboard LED’s proprietary technology processes your content files and then re-creates and optimizes them to maximize how the graphics look on the LED display. As a result, the technology achieves a result similar in quality to hiring a professional to optimize your files.

Advertising on digital billboards can save you money

In many ways, advertising on a digital billboard can be more cost effective. Production costs are cheaper, in that there is no printing required. That’s a saving of $200-$500 per billboard.

Digital billboards also allow for greater flexibility when it comes to the length and timing of a campaign. Whilst traditional outdoor advertising tends to work in 2-week blocks, digital billboards do not. Production and placement schedules are far more flexible for digital out-of-home, which means a digital advert can begin and end on whichever day you want.

As such, you only pay for the weeks, days or hours that your campaign will actually be effective. For example, advertising a bar on a Friday afternoon as people leave work is likely to be more effective than advertising it on a Monday morning.


Electronic billboards cost more than standard billboards.  The average CPM (cost per thousand) for a regular billboard is $2.05 and $37.42 for an LED billboard.

Billboards with LED’s are rented by minutes and each ad is shown for 8 seconds.  Some ads can cost as much as $50,000.00 for 2520 minutes (1.75 days) and as little as $1,200.00 for 648 minutes (.45 days.) impairment.

However, there is some good news, especially when considering that the aforementioned cost issues will decrease as new (and less expensive) display technologies become available:

Studies have shown that LED’s are slightly more effective than traditional billboards.  Digital billboards may be so effective because they are animated unlike anything else outdoors.

Another reason they are so effective is that people don’t get tired of these ads since they change every few seconds.  We tend to pay attention to things that are different and that we haven’t seen before.

Research has shown that 94% of people passing mobile billboards can recall them while only 43% can recall non-moving billboards.  Overall, sales increased 107% for products shown on mobile billboards and 54% on static signs.

Yonge & Dundas Square

Toronto Billboard Advertising at Yonge and Dundas Square

Yonge & Dundas Square, located at the core of the Toronto downtown, unarguably is the most significant location for OOH led billboard advertising. This location has access to the Eaton Centre shopping mall and is minutes away from many popular attractions. It is also in close proximity to the Toronto Financial District, multiple universities, movie theatres and has both subway and PATH access. The daily circulation at the busiest intersection in Toronto is around 146200 people.

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