Are Mobile Billboards Effective?

YES- and with great results! According to the Outdoor Advertising Magazine, outdoor mobile billboards have as high as a 97% recall rate. As opposed to traditional billboard advertising, mobile billboards have the power to attract more people on the move. Compared to static billboards, the mobile choice provides advertising to people who may have missed it the first time. Mobile billboards are usually the one, prime message seen in an area that isn’t cluttered by ten other billboards. This means people will pay more attention to the mobile message because their heads aren’t being filled with a number of other advertisements.

The American Trucking Association reported that 91% of a targeted audience noticed the message and visuals on mobile truck advertising. From that statistic, it is not hard to tell that the reach of mobile billboards exceeds greatness. Let’s examine the ways that mobile billboards are effective and the factors that come into play when choosing to advertise on mobile.


Mobile billboards are usually the one message in a given area that people will pay attention to


The Benefits of Mobile

Compared to 58% of people able to recall an ad from their phone or on the internet, the 97% able to recall an ad from mobile billboard advertising is truly significant. This is why it’s working so well:

You Can’t Look Away

A large proportion of advertisements are dismissed by audiences, especially when those ads live in places with an escape button nearby. Internet ad blocking has risen by 90% in only one year, and people reading print can easily flip the page with an advertisement splat on it. Whatever the case is, ads that aren’t mobile lose the attention of potential consumers.

Mobile advertisements aren’t easy to miss, as they immediately grab people’s focus because they live in the outdoor environment where everyone must be aware of their surroundings. Looking both ways before you cross the street might just result in noticing a mobile billboard, and remembering the message listed on it. Regular poster panels or LED digital displays make for a noticeable mobile ad that will be effective for grabbing, and hopefully keeping, people’s attention.


Mobile advertisements aren't easy to miss, as shown here with this Heineken display


Large Audience Reach

Other advertising mediums don’t have the ability to reach wide audiences quite like mobile billboards do because they’re usually more targeted to people who frequently access the material the ad interferes with. Print advertising is only available to people picking up the material, reading or skimming through the contents of the magazine or newspaper, and internet ads will only reach those who are already on the website. People walking by, people in cars, buses, cabs, and bikes will see mobile billboards because of that outdoor exposure.

Mobile billboards exist in an unmistakably visible place. With that visibility, the marketing messages on mobile can resonate with a greater number of people than the same messages on more targeted platforms. Having said that, mobile billboards can also be more targeted and tailored to people in different areas depending on the situation.


Convenient Targeting

Through planning the precise route the mobile billboard vehicle takes, this form of advertising will maximize the ad exposure and effectiveness. There are a number of places the mobile billboard can travel along, and it is up to the advertiser and company to determine which areas best fit the hopeful target for the ad. Based on factors such as high-traffic areas, specific socioeconomic areas, target neighbourhoods, areas of target businesses, and events, conferences, or conventions, the mobile billboard can take off and land smoothly in a high performance area.


This mobile billboard for LG is taking off along a targeted road for maximum exposure


Unique GPS Tracking

The reach that comes from an advertisement is one of the key factors in making an ad work and delivering an impactful message to consumers. With GPS tracking on trucks carrying the mobile billboard, the reach will be far easier to gage because impressions will be monitored. People viewing the mobile ad will be accounted for due to technology that allows for retargeting and delivering the messages with the commitment to get everyone’s eyes on it.

Movia Media uses device IDs that detect, track, and build mobile audiences for brands, as well as machine learning algorithms that understand a user’s past ad engagements, mobile web behavior, and checked off locations they visited during their day. It is convenient to redirect the mobile truck to move into an area that hasn’t received impressions from the advertisement, and this can all be done with mobile billboard technology. The ability to control where the ad is going and who is seeing it is one of the top advantages of mobile billboard advertising.


It’s Cost Effective

As a business with a smaller budget, it is feasible to choose to advertise with mobile billboards because of the high reach at a low cost. According to a study by Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. , mobile billboards increase sales by 107% compared to only 54% for static billboards. This high increase doesn’t have to break the company card in half. Easier to track the ROI, mobile billboards allow companies to grow and benefit from the precise measurements of impressions reached. It’s more cost effective to advertise using mobile billboards than stationary billboards, print ads, TV commercials, and radio commercials. Shown to increase sales at fairly low rates, mobile billboards are the effective way to go to advertise.


Mobile billboards work, just like this one


As you have read, mobile billboards are certainly an effective and interesting way of reaching a large number of people while still keeping a strong target in mind. The level of control that mobile billboard advertising gives you is an attribute unique to this medium that other advertising platforms won’t allow you to have.

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