Why Truckside Advertising is Popular in Las Vegas

There’s a major reason why truckside advertising is such a hit in Las Vegas, and it has everything to do with entertainment purposes and adding to the city’s predominantly bright, and late night, appeal. Mobile billboards travel through the city’s strip, reaching targets arriving at McCarran International Airport and checking in at Mirage. With a population estimated at around 641,680 people, and a median household income of about $50,300, Las Vegas knows to apply this form of advertising to get the most retainment and purchase results.

Las Vegas is an objectively performative city, with big name shows like Cirque Du Soleil, Penn & Teller, and even Mariah Carey’s new resident stage gig, which suits the in-your-face style of truckside advertising. The over-the-top spectacle that is Las Vegas perfectly matches this advertising medium. Mobile billboards are known to display new products, promotions, and general brand awareness, which other parts of the world are understanding is an effective advertising strategy. However, Las Vegas uses mobile billboards to boast about their various entertainment choices for both tourists and residents. These shows become highly publicized through the use of truckside advertising. Let’s get into where exactly this popular advertising machine is taking a stroll in Las Vegas, the advantages of it in a place like this, and a few companies that apply this motion to the advertising landscape.


Mobile billboards publicize new shoes in Las Vegas


The Attraction of Truckside Advertising in Vegas

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, so it’s no wonder that advertising is primarily used to add capital to show business. Static billboards and digital advertising are great at displaying content, rates, showtimes, and so on about the products offers in Las Vegas, but mobile billboards add to the general aura of Vegas; a complete visual sensation. Just like an audience member wouldn’t know what to expect upon arriving to their first show in Vegas, mobile billboards bring people in Vegas the unexpected awareness they didn’t know they needed.

With about 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, it’s necessary for trucks who advertise to showcase the gorgeous range of hotel amenities along the strip. The hotel industry in Vegas is in exponential growth, and advertising helps occupy new rooms. The MGM Grand, the largest hotel in Las Vegas, takes up space on trucks to show off their strong influence in the hospitality market. With about 35-40 million tourists annually, Las Vegas is aware their best area to advertise in is where these tourists stay when they visit. The best reach in advertising comes from the Las Vegas strip because it’s the hub of all the big name entertainment. The exposure of businesses on the sides of trucks along the strip garner the best reactions and results.


Truckside advertising showcases prominent Las Vegas hotels


Kre8 Media’s Impact on Vegas

One of the most influential outdoor advertising services in Las Vegas is Kre8 Media, which has over 25 years experience in providing effective billboard messaging. One of their best tactics is using a fleet of mobile advertising trucks that implore people to check out, attend, or purchase a special invitation to a brand’s philosophy. Kre8 uses geo-targeted mobile advertising to tailor campaigns to specific audiences and enable GPS data on the advertised truck in order to gain the best reach.

Their value in Las Vegas is quite exceptional, “Kr8-ing” around 424,072 impressions in an 8 hour period. Their CPM ranges between $1-5 depending on time and place. They use a fleet of 45 white, black, or red colored mobile billboards to stand out in front of their audiences and against their competition. They advertise shows like Blue Man Group, Celine Dion, Carrot Top, and showcase new products like McDonald’s now available on UberEats.


McDonald's on UberEats drives through the strip advertising this convenient service


Flo Advertising’s Success in Vegas

Another efficient outdoor advertising company well known in Vegas is Flo Advertising Mobile Billboards, which believes in the power of bigger and brighter mobile billboards captivating audiences along the strip. They deliver around 4 million impressions per month, use Proof of Purchase (POP) reports that document how many times a day an ad was displayed on the mobile billboard, and carry a brightness of 10,000 NITs on both sides of their trucks. All this makes for an effective mobile advertisement.

They pride themselves in using 21 ft trucks that hold brighter ads targeted at tourists in Las Vegas. Flo Advertising can work all day and all night to provide advertisers with tastefully gaudy messages that attract the many hyped up consumers along the strip. With experience in sports marketing, event sponsorship, pay-per-video advertising, TV network advertising, and Las Vegas stage show advertising, Flo uses cutting-edge mobile technology to fascinate these markets of people.


Effective mobile advertising captivates audiences soon to come out of this convention center


Big Traffic Outdoor Advertising

Lastly, Big Traffic, Truckside Advertising introduced mobile billboards to the Las Vegas landscape in 2001, and has continued to provide the city with a fleet of 17 trucks that operate 24/7. Based in Las Vegas itself, Big Traffic uses mobile billboards to target just about everyone: hotel guests, casino goers, convention attendants, and show spectators. They have clients like Cirque Du Soleil, Subway, and Caesars Entertainment. They saw that 77% of Las Vegas visitors noticed a mobile billboard during their stay, and 53% remember the exact content. According to their deeper analysis, they found out that, per hour, an average of 17,700 are walking along the strip. Taking these statistics to heart, Big Traffic isn’t slowing down to provide mobile billboard advertising to the most diversified range of markets in Las Vegas. They see everything as opportunity.


A diversified range of markets are all under the radar for truck advertising


Overall, it’s clear to see why truckside advertising is so popular in Las Vegas due to the booming hotel industry, the abundance of live shows, and the major opportunity for luring in tourists to the nonstop entertainment vibe. The mobile billboards distributed in Vegas aren’t taking a rest anytime soon, much like the sleepless people in the city.

Check out the work we do at Movia Media to provide quality mobile billboards that effectively target the right audiences, much like the work that these companies mentioned in Las Vegas do everyday. We provide fleet wraps that enter downtown regions, like the strip, in order to send messages to the most impressionable people, whether tourists or residents. Our trucks are equipped with mobile retargeting data that help us see where to target the best people to get the best results. In Vegas, we will do all we can to reach the nightlife crowd and be another, distinguishable, bright light in an LED-infused city. 

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