Who Are The Best Mobile Billboard Advertising Providers in Toronto

Embarking on an Out-of-Home (OOH) mobile billboard campaign for your business requires a meticulous selection process for the ideal service provider. As you delve into researching various mobile billboard options, it’s crucial to find a partner that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. At Movia Media Inc, we recognize the importance of thorough consideration in choosing the right provider, one that caters to your company’s unique needs and requirements.

Our services stand out by offering an effective and dynamic platform for outdoor advertising, boasting a diverse selection, captivating artwork, and robust analytics. While we take pride in what we bring to the table, we understand that making an informed decision involves exploring all available options.

To streamline your decision-making process, we’ve curated a list of the top mobile billboard companies servicing the vibrant Toronto area. By presenting a comprehensive overview of each provider, we aim to empower you with the insights needed to ensure a tailored and successful advertising campaign for your business.

Let’s get into more detail about the best mobile billboard providers in the area (listed in no particular order):

   Wild On Media   

A 20-year-old Toronto-based agency is an out-of-home specialist in non-traditional media. The company is always ready to push boundaries for the clients to offer great non-traditional media opportunities. Wild On Media provides its clients with a variety of products, including digital and static image mobile billboards, digital and regular taxi tops, wall projections, street and aerial advertising, event activations, and personal message options. They also have offices located in Montreal and Toronto, two other major Canadian markets.

 Wildon Media

wild on media website mobile billboards advertising ooh out-of-home outdoor media marketing moving billboards truck advertising

   Smart Outdoor Advertising   

If you are looking to create some buzz on the streets of Toronto, you should see Smart Outdoor Advertising. The company highly specializes in led truck advertising and offers its customers the most extensive network of mobile digital advertising in Toronto. With great in-house creativity, strategy, and planning they deliver success to their customers’ brands while also offering low cost and high impact. If you are planning to promote a concert or party Smart Outdoor Advertising might fit your needs.

Smart Outdoor Advertising  

smart outdoor advertising website-1 mobile billboards advertising ooh out-of-home outdoor media marketing moving billboards truck advertising

   APS Mobile Ads    

APS Mobile Ads is a US-based company that operates in multiple markets in North America, including the Canadian market. The company offers its clients a variety of packages to cater to the needs of their customers to the best of their ability. Their services include professional printing, static billboard (doesn’t change location), and mobile billboard packages.

Apps Mobile Ads

aps mobile ads website mobile billboards advertising ooh out-of-home outdoor media marketing moving billboards truck advertising

   Grassroots Advertising Inc   

With a robust legacy spanning over three decades, Grassroots Advertising has been a stalwart in guerrilla marketing. Initially offering services like street-level advertising, posters, human billboards, and projection advertising, the company has evolved significantly. In recent years, they have diversified their portfolio to include new media options such as mobile billboards, street teams, chalk art, and stencils. Grassroots Advertising now presents an extensive array of mobile advertising choices, including static and digital image mobile billboard trucks, mobile display trucks tailored for demonstrations and interactions, and even food trucks. The company places a strategic emphasis on targeted and time-specific marketing, empowering clients with greater control over their campaigns, and ensuring coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

Grass Roots Advertising

Grassroots Advertising website-1 mobile billboards advertising ooh out-of-home outdoor media marketing moving billboards truck advertising

Now that you are informed about the mobile billboard providers in Toronto you will be able to make a more informed decision and choose a company that will fit your needs precisely.

Although we believe that all the companies on the list offer reliable and successful services, choosing Movia Media Mobile Billboards as your mobile billboard provider will provide you with great analytics, tracking and exposure. With our services, advertisers can geo-target specific markets to drive brand awareness and employ effective outdoor advertising techniques that are needed to grow in today’s fast-paced market.

  Kingstar Media 

If you are looking for advertisers who are committed to providing their customers with multi-platform media solutions that are tailored to drive response in the Canadian market then you will look at Kingstar Media, they are constantly adapting to the ever-changing media landscape. They leverage bulk buying power and industry partnerships to access efficient CPM pricing on premium large format & transit billboards.


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