Using Truck Advertising for Store Openings

Truck advertising is known to keep businesses moving and rolling, and is great for making first impressions with consumers. Startup companies or fairly unknown brands can definitely take advantage of the widespread reach that truck advertising has to offer. Truck advertising allows clients to take control of a campaign’s longevity and performance because there is full transparency established between client and advertiser. With a medium like truck advertising, clients are kept fully in the loop as to where their campaign will be travelling to and how many impressions will be received from the advertisement. In the case of store openings, truck advertising truly makes a significant mark. Because many consumers will be unaware of the opening date or the location of the future store, let alone what it brings to the table as a product, it’s very important for advertising to roll out as the first explicit statement. Truck advertising makes this possible, and we’re going to explain why.


A grand opening truck makes the first impression


The Initial Greeting

Since truck advertising is large and in charge, dominating the roads it travels on, it’s no surprise that people in its sight will notice the moving advertisement. First impressions are very important from a consumer lens. A truck advertisement with a store opening greeting message on it, as well as some directional copy and a bright visual, has the ability to cast a positive light on the company and its newest announcement. Think of it like a firm, honest handshake without touching. The transparency of a truck ad that meets the eyes of consumers previously not in-the-know but now in-the-know will alert them of a store opening instantly, without the consumer having to dig it up on their own on the internet or elsewhere. It’s an immediate connection, the initial greeting, that will give the consumer a sneak peek at what’s to come in terms of a shopping experience.


Truck advertising is cost-effective for smaller businesses


Cost-Efficient Advertising

Some store openings look to advertise on a bit of a budget. Due to construction fees, overwhelming marketing strategies, and other concerns that come with opening up a store, often times there’s not a lot of money leftover for extravagant advertising tactics. This is when truck advertising can really help out. Even when looking at digital mobile billboards, their costs can range between $1200-7000 per week which is roughly less than one would pay if they were to advertise via television commercial. A 30-second TV spot could cost up to $1500 for a local reach and $123,000 for a national reach. Most store openings are advertised on a local level, but larger stores may want that national audience of tourists and travellers. Due to its cost-effective rentals that outweigh the benefits of advertising on a more indoor, digitized platform, truck advertising gives companies opening up a new store a bit more bang for their buck.


Even international companies can benefit from smaller scale truck ads


A Good Perception

According to research done by Identify Yourself, around 75% of people stated that they hold a favorable opinion of brands and businesses they see featured on trucks. This has to do with the perception that brands utilizing outdoor advertising look more professional and established than other services not doing out-of-home. For store openings, this is especially important because it will be what drives people to visit that store once its doors become unlocked for the first time. It’s the ingrained perception that brands who are featured on mobile billboards seem more approachable and easy to connect with that will bring consumers inwards.


A moving billboard driving down the same street a grand opening is located on will drive business


Target Can Be Scaled

Depending on the nature of the business of the store, not every demographic will be interested in the purchase. Truck advertising can make sure that the right audience, with the most interest, will hit up the store opening and spread the word after doing so. Target marketing is a significant property of truck advertising because the trucks can be positioned in specific locations that best serve the type of clientele that would be interested in the store opening. For example, the grand opening truck ad can drive down a shopping area strip that the store will be located on. This makes consumers aware of what’s to come in a non-invasive and real life visual way.

After looking at how truck advertising offers an initial greeting message to consumers, how it can be cost-effective in a marketing plan, how perception matters, and how the best target can be reached, it’s clear that truck advertising aligns well with building hype for a store opening.

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