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Out-of-home billboard advertising is all about the right location. However, the better the location, the higher the cost. For example, in a city like New York, with the 18,945,000 adult population, billboard advertising can reach up to $14,000 per spot for 4 weeks. Expensive, right?

To understand the significance of location, let’s look at what determines the cost of OOH billboard advertising. The three main criteria are:

  • Daily traffic circulation
  • Demographics
  • Number of impressions (read more here).

As we can see, each of these criteria is determined by the location of the billboard, meaning that the best location can deliver advertisers the highest results and get impressions from the right audience.



We know that the location of your billboard is an essential factor to consider when planning your campaign, so let’s look at the most impactful outdoor billboards in the GTA. 

Yonge & Dundas Square

Yonge & Dundas Square, located at the core of the Toronto downtown, unarguably is the most significant location for OOH billboard advertising. This location has access to the Eaton Centre shopping mall (48,268,020 visitors annually) and is minutes away from many popular attractions. It is also close to the Toronto Financial District, multiple universities, movie theatres and has both subway and PATH access. The daily circulation at the busiest intersection in Toronto is around 146,200 people.

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Gardiner Expressway

Gardiner Expressway is an 18 km major highway running through the City of Toronto. On average, Torontonians spend around 65 minutes on the road commuting. Daily circulation of traffic on Gardiner is around 405,000, which gives advertisers an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience driving in and out of Toronto.


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Spadina Avenue is one of the biggest and busiest streets running through the western part of Toronto. It intersects with Gardiner Expressway at the south and goes up north to Bloor Street.

King & Spadina intersection closely located to Rogers Center and the Art Gallery of Ontario is experiencing extensive growth in construction of residential buildings currently. By 2020 the number of residents on King & Spadina area is expected to increase twice in numbers. Now, the daily circulation of this area is around 64,800 people.


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Another significant location for Toronto billboard advertising is Adelaide & Spadina intersection with 24,000 daily circulation. It is located at heart of the Entertainment district with various bars, clubs and restaurants around it, which brings a lot of traffic.


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Although these out-of-home billboards are impactful and can deliver high results, they can be costly since you are competing for the best spot in the city. Here is when moving billboard advertising comes in. By choosing truck advertising, you can get access vehicles that spend a lot of time on highways and in the city circulating the high traffic locations. Want to learn how to get more impressions for your business? Contact Movia Media today! 


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