Street Furniture Advertising- Creative way for Brand Awareness

OOH Advertising is constantly evolving. As the years have gone by, it has transitioned. Today, the global market for OOH accounts for about $29 billion, which is a significant amount. The outdoor advertising market is one of the oldest and most enduring markets for advertising. What is the reason for this? New capabilities and creativity are just a few things the industry is bringing every day that makes it valuable and important. New giant billboards are brighter, more colourful, carry more movement, and are more convenient than ever before. It’s hard to avoid the ads. You can find it everywhere! 

With the advent of modern technology, companies are creating a variety of creative ideas for their billboards, which include not only the design of the billboards but also various surrounding features. Additionally, street furniture such as transit shelters has been redesigned keeping in mind the creation of outdoor advertisements. This involves attracting the targeted customers and thereby exposing the brand immediately. In addition to being strategically placed and geographically targeted, this is a clutter-free method of advertisement. Media such as benches and bus shelters can create an impact on a mass pedestrian and vehicular audience. The idea of making street furniture advertisements is also a great way of promoting high-end fashion as well as being highly entertaining for the public. As a result, the audience engagement will be higher and brand awareness will increase. We are going to talk about some of the most interesting street furniture advertising ideas that were mind-blowing in this article:

Roseanne’s Living Room Couch

In an advertising campaign to promote ABC’s television show Roseanne, commuters from New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago were given the exact couch from their living room as part of a bus shelter. With the help of the network, typical bus stop benches have been replaced with the family couch that has been a staple in Rosanne’s living room with afghans and threadbare sofas. On the wall, there was a picture of the family, and a bus stop was customized to resemble this television family.  

The Kitkat bench Advertising:

It’s no secret that KitKat chocolate is one of the most beloved chocolate brands worldwide and so too are its creative advertising pieces. According to the list of best bench ads, the idea appears to have made the cut. There’s a message here that says, “have a break, grab a Kitkat.” 

As a reward for the audience who sat on the benches for a certain time, the Kitkat team offered a chance to win a free Google Nexus 7 tablet to anyone who sat on the billboard benches for a certain period of time in 2014. It was done in Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands and was a success in promoting Kitkat and Nexus 7. 

A guerilla marketing campaign was launched by Kitkat in 2016 in the Philippines. This campaign featured 500 benches that were creatively designed and placed in the busiest areas of different cities. These benches included piano keys, guitars, seesaws, and a bench placed on top of a rock-climbing wall. The result was a massive amount of images and videos posted on social media that made the campaign a viral success by generating over 6.9 million views across Facebook and Youtube and 262 million impressions on all social media outlets. These ideas are tremendously wonderful, and it’s visually appealing. Designing the bench in this way is extremely clever, and the shape of the bench also reflects the product. An excellent marketing idea, this is!

The Absolut Bus Shelters

These absolutely brilliant design ideas bring the Absinthe transit shelters to a whole new level of marketing. In order to promote their Drinks campaign, the entire bus shelter in Chicago was converted into Vodka’s flavour. There were three shelters with various flavours: “Lemon Drop”, “Bloody” and “Twist”, each with elaborate designs and individually customized seats. Live lemon plants were used to cover the top of the Lemon Drop shelter. Imagine the possibilities! OOH advertising campaigns gained a fresh look thanks to these incredible ideas. 

Brick by Brick

Chicago commuters witnessed yet another fantastic creative bus shelter constructed solely out of oversized LEGO bricks on Michigan Avenue. To promote the Museum of Science and Industry’s new “Brick to Brick” exhibit, which celebrates LEGO bricks and showcases 13 of the world’s engineering marvels built from thousands of tiny bricks, this campaign was launched. 

The Ski Bench

As part of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics celebration, Vitamin Water built a makeshift ski lift from an empty bus stop bench. With the help of commuters, the experience was inspired by the Olympics. Across from it is a poster that says, “Try Vitamin Water.”. It makes the daily routine feel like an Olympic event.” 

Caribou Coffee Advertisement

Colle MacVoey, an advertising agency in the United States, created this bus shelter to promote brand awareness for the coffee shop Caribou Coffee. During the winter, the shelter was turned into a massive oven that provided warmth to Minnesotan commuters as well as promoting their own “Hot and wholesome” menu items at Caribou Coffee restaurants. 

Fitness First

A health club chain called Fitness First transformed an old bus shelter in Amsterdam into a weighing scale that displayed the weight of people sitting on the bench.

JcDecaux Digital

At bus stops, tram stops, and train stops in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne in 2018, JCDecaux displays highlighted specific stops that contextualized why it is important for commuters to have the ANZ app wherever they commute. For the passenger engagements in the three cities, out-of-home provider JCDecaux incorporated accurate time frames across its digital network to provide seamless passenger engagements. Ashley Taylor, the head of creative solutions at JCDecaux, said, “This is the first time we have seen dynamic data used in this way.” It is without a doubt an amazing and innovative piece of work! 

By now, we know that transit shelters are a great medium to advertise and create brand awareness. To make the advertisement stand out, however, it also takes a great deal of creativity. Imagine people waiting for the bus are so bored, and they see an advertisement that is extremely creative. The advertiser will definitely be appreciated for providing them with a game to play. Using less text and images to help capture the attention of passing passengers is recommended by target marketing.

The researchers say that transit shelters have the ability to be twice as effective as large billboards and are a great alternative to billboards whenever they aren’t available. Bus shelters do not have a time limit! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they provide us with assistance. Through the use of precise geographic tracking, outdoor advertisements can be highly beneficial, as it allows us to measure how many times our target audience has passed by the spot.

Wrap Up

As we all know, billboards can be seen anywhere, whether it’s next to a busy highway or on a road less travelled. No commuter misses the transit advertisement or the large banner wherever they go and therefore, the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of outdoor advertising cannot be overstated. 

It doesn’t matter whether a billboard is a transit billboard, a street furniture display, or a giant banner, each display serves several purposes. There are short-term promotions for special events or brand awareness, resulting in low-cost repetition and numerous daily impressions, as well as broad market coverage. They are usually an inexpensive choice of advertising but the message i\displayed s noticed any hour of the day. 

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