Philadelphia Billboard Advertising – Most Impactful Billboards in Pennsylvania

Market Overview

On our continuous journey of exploring the world of billboard advertising, we’ve now arrived in Philly. Home of America’s first zoo and the “wing bowl” (Super Bowl chicken wings), Philadelphia is an interesting spot for hot advertising. It’s the most populous city in Pennsylvania, with a population of approx. 1,526,600, and is the second largest city on the U.S.’s East Coast. Also, it’s the 5th most populated city in the U.S. The metropolitan area of Philly is located along the Delaware Valley, which happens to be the 6th largest metropolitan area in the U.S., inhabiting 6 million people. As is mentioned, Philly has a staggering population to entertain.

Aside from population statistics, Philly’s crowds gather round at billboard advertisements that speak to their arts-focused and consumerist culture. It’s said that this city is one of the most walkable cities in the U.S., and it’s very common for people to get around on foot, no matter the start or end point. Along their saunter, what better way to get their attention than by a great billboard? This post will highlight Philly’s consumer expenditures, as well as go over a few major places to billboard advertise in, check out a billboard advertising company known to the city, and learn of how their transit advertising works. Hold onto your cheesesteak.


Billboard advertising in Philly targets tourists in effective ways


Consumer Expenditures in Philly

In 2016-2017, households in the metropolitan area of Philly spent an average of $65,436 per year. Housing was the largest expenditure category for Philly, which averaged at around $20,932. The typical household in Philly spent 14.5% of their budget on transportation and, of the $9505 in annual expenditures, 91.6% was allocated towards buying and upkeep of private vehicles.

According to data gathered from Accenture, 50% of consumers in Philly fear intelligent services on their smartphones and online. Philly’s consumers are most worried about targeted ads, for they perceive them to be too invasive in their personal lives. The gathered information about their needs and wants drives concern into their daily lives. However, the same report reveals that 44% of consumers in Philly heavily rely on digital assistants like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. This contradiction is a sign of the times, where we become attached to our conveniences yet at the same time are afraid they’ll takeover our personal worlds.

Housing, transportation, and mobile tech billboard ads are no stranger to Philly’s environment, so let’s take a look at some areas where consumers can be most influenced by the power of billboard advertising.


Mobile billboards for tech companies can be seen driving around Philly


Major Places to Billboard Advertise in Philly

Among highways like Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, billboards have high traffic exposure that can speak to a multitude of drivers. Though highways are beneficial places to erect billboards around, it’s the unique spots of Philly that offer more targeted advertising. Places like Fairmont Park or Pat’s Cheesesteaks use more selected advertising to attract their visitors. Shopping centers like Roosevelt Mall are no stranger to retail based billboards, while sports arenas like Citizens Bank Park target a more active, athletic audience.

The routes heading towards main tourist attractions such as the Independence National Historical Park or the Philadelphia Museum of Art are prime locations for billboard advertising that can speak to the visitor population. The Rocky Steps, one of the city’s most iconic features, which leads to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, can be a suitable location for mobile billboard advertising or walking billboards. Resourceful and plentiful areas like the Reading Terminal Market and the Independence Beer Garden also work as billboard opportunities because of their meeting point reputations; many stop to see new wonders in these areas.


Sports related billboards target fans in Philly


Clear Channel Outdoor in Philly

One of the major providers of outdoor billboard advertising in Philly is Clear Channel Outdoor, which happens to do advertising globally. Clear Channel supplies bulletin billboards, digital billboards, posters, premiere panels, and transit shelter advertising that impact the city of Philly. Clear Channel’s bulletin billboards can be seen on all major highways including I-95, I-76, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Their OOH impact reaches 98% of the DMA population ages 18+ on a weekly basis. Overall, Clear Channel is one of the most influential billboard companies that offer maximum coverage and guarantee brand exposure.


Clear Channel takes over major highways


SEPTA Advertising in Philly

The public transit system in Philly is called Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and it carries approx. 1 million riders everyday. SEPTA runs through Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. Print ads can be seen on both the exterior and the interior of their 2500 vehicles and 200+ stations. SEPTA offers full bus wrap advertisements that work as mobile billboards. They are leading the public transit ad industry with impressive digital advertising at high volume stations and inside the refined Silverliner V train cars. Their many service lines are all welcoming of billboard advertising and more.


The SEPTA advertises to commuters making their way downtown


Departing from the pitstop of Philadelphia, we can take away more than just a world’s famous sandwich. Their feature attractions, public transit system, main billboard company, and profitable consumers make up their well-rounded city culture. With billboards at most turns, Philly isn’t shy on showing their meaty advertising expertise.

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