Consumer Patterns in Mexico & Mobile Billboards

Market Overview
Mexico is a fascinating country in North America, lying between the U.S, to the north, and Guatemala and Belize to the south. Its extensive coastlines of more than 10,000km include the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Mexico has pleasant and warm weather, unique food, art and archaeology, pyramids, museums, haciendas, superb architecture and 21st century cities.
It has different weather patterns from snow mountains in the Sierras, to rainy jungles in the Southeast, and desert in the Northwest. Numerous golf courses, excellent fishing, and world-class destinations like Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos, and Mazatlan dominate this place. Mexico is ranked as the 7th major destination for foreign visitors, according to the World Trade Organization.

Tourist spots and the astounding population of over 129 million people reflect on the importance of outdoor media in driving brand preference in Mexico. Traveling around Mexico City, one cannot escape seeing a vast array of outdoor advertising of all types and sizes. The whole city is well branded.  

In Mexico, we can see many delivery vehicles, all painted up with brand logos and messages, dropping off products to small corner stores and food outlets. This is when a question arises, “why does Mexico use mobile billboards to convey marketing messages?”. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the consumer profile of Mexico, their marketing behavior, the best spots to advertise in, and two mobile billboard companies that thrive in the country. 


Mexico is driven by growing sectors of business including automobile industries


Consumer Profile in Mexico  

Before we get into how moving billboards are used in Mexico, it’s important to look at the consumer habits and how they live.  Over 75% of the Mexican population lives in urban centres where the U.S. touches on consumerism and influences their buying patterns. One-quarter of households in Mexico can be viewed as middle-class, according to Euromonitor International. However, there is a divide between purchasing power in this country. Approx. 20% of the population lives below the poverty line and 58% are in threatening living situations. Wives of the household are primarily in charge of the purchasing decisions. Family and friends have a large influence on what to buy as well. The Mexican consumer is drawn to a customized and personalized service experience when they shop around for products. The growing sectors of business in Mexico include automobile, electronics, energy, environmental protection equipment, telecommunication, and tourism, particularly wellness tourism. 


Mexican advertising strives to tell stories and create relationships with people


Consumer Marketing Behavior in Mexico 

While purchasing power in Mexico is growing, they are in a situation where they find themselves time-poor. As a result to this, Mexicans are striving to find good quality products that save them time throughout their days. They want to create relationships with brands, rather than use disposable and unattached products. Aside from cost, Mexicans want convenience with advertised products. Brand loyalty is very important in this country. In 2017, Amazon became the country’s top online retailer with 502.2 million USD compared to 243.9 million USD in 2016 sales. In 2017, smartphone penetration also reached 85.8% according to The Competitive Intelligence Union. Mercado Libre and Wal-Mart de Mexico came in as second and third top online retailers. 


Mobile billboards soar through New Mexico  

Top Places to Advertise in Mexico: 

1. Mexico City

2. Guadalajara 

3. Monterrey 

4. Puebla 

5. Toluca 

6. Leon 

These six places have the highest population in Mexico and include some of the best tourist attractions, so advertising here is worthwhile and meaningful. Cancun and Cozumel are also great places to advertise in because they see plenty of visitors worldwide each year. 


Roadstar Mobile Billboards uses LED displays to attract consumers


Mobile Billboards Existing in Mexico 

Roadstar Mobile Billboards is a service in Mexico that specializes in moving billboards meeting the eyes of both residents and tourists in plenty of locations. They advertise places like Senor Frogs and Margaritaville, and even appear on a small island just off the coast of Cancun. Roadstar advertises for political campaigns as well, hoping to bring forth messages of upcoming elections. Their digital mobile billboard truck includes 200 square feet of bright and changeable ad space double-sided. Seen near sporting events, clubs, and concerts, Roadstar Mobile Billboards brings fresh advertising to people in Mexico. 

American Mobile Ads is another mobile billboard company that advertises in Mexico as well as other places in America. They serve New Mexico with current mobile media on billboard trucks and truckside advertising. They travel around in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, Gallup, Rio Rancho, South Valley, Los Lunas, and more. American Mobile Ads uses mobile digital LED video billboard trucks to speak to their audiences. Their list of clients include McDonald’s, Miami Dolphins, Sun Life Financial, Warner Brothers, Kmart, AT&T, and much more. 

After looking at the market profile, consumer behavior and their profiles, the best places to advertise, and some existing mobile billboard companies in Mexico, it’s safe to say their mobile advertising initiatives and consumers are feeling fantastic about growing businesses. 

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