Mobile Billboards vs. Static Billboards

Media Buyers and Brands often must pick between using moving billboards or static billboards. Mobile billboards (or truck advertising) are billboards that are placed on truck sides (basically a billboard on wheels!) On the other hand, a billboard is static, meaning it remains in one place.

What is the biggest bang for your buck?

Before picking a moving billboard or static billboard supplier, take a look at the cost per impression (CPM). Read more here. The lower the CPM, the less it costs advertisers to reach 1000 impressions, and that brings me to my next point: data, data, data.

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Outdoor advertising companies use Data


Nowadays, many outdoor billboard companies incorporate some impression or viewer counting technology. People Count does a terrific job at providing information on traffic data to help with static billboard counts. While the same is true for mobile billboards, some outdoor billboard companies are taking this to the next level using Wifi Scanning Analytics which provides an extremely accurate impression counts by measuring cell phone Wifi signal within a certain range of Moving Billboards.  

Mobile billboard advertising helps targeting

While both options help to build general brand awareness, advertisers aim to cater their marketing strategies directly towards a specific target audience. According to the Outdoor Advertising Magazine, outdoor mobile billboards have as high as a 97% recall rate. Not to mention, truck-side advertising is advantageous in that your ad won’t just be in one place – allowing you to reach a larger target audience. 

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Weather Conditions & Insurance 
The longevity of your advertisement and its insurance policy will vary supplier to supplier for both advertising mediums. Make sure you’re covered under insurance if your billboard or mobile billboard gets damaged by weather conditions or anything else.
Contract Flexibility
Typically static billboard advertisers sometimes require at least a 3-month contract, because of the time it takes to put up the advertisement. Meanwhile, moving billboard suppliers have shorter contracts.

Street level view/visibility

fleet graphicsStatic billboard advertisements provide advertisers with greater flexibility in where they want it to be. Meanwhile, moving billboards are always on the road and street level.

Check out some stats on billboards from Forbes magazine here


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