Mobile Billboard Companies in Florida

Florida is no stranger to a range of mobile billboard companies. They take pride in their outdoor advertising that truly rocks their warm world. Mobile billboards are presented in many different ways by many different faces, and we’re going to spot the top dogs in this industry. For now, let’s list some facts.

Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States. It is the third most populous state of the U.S. This large population requires effective advertising that targets these masses. The best places for mobile billboard impact is in Jacksonville and the Miami metropolitan area because of their first-class taste, style, and, of course, big pockets of cash. Palm Beach is also a great place to advertise because it’s made up of an even population of both tourists and residents of Florida. Hutchinson Island is another sought after place that advertisers look to because of their museum culture, special events, and shopping bringing the whole family together. These make up the best consumers and impressions for mobile ads. 


Ilum's digital mobile billboards bring high level performance and attract the eyes of many in Florida


But it’s the companies that are behind each and every mobile billboard that impacts a consumer, and deserve recognition for their work. Florida has a laundry list of mobile billboard providers that believe in effective outdoor ad magic. Let’s get straight to the best mobile billboard companies that dominate the OOH market in Florida. 


In digital mobile billboard advertising, Ilum Advertising leads the market. They offer mobile billboard solutions such as digital LED mobile billboard trucks and top performance 3D mobile showroom platforms, where people can engage with a brand in a more visual, macroscopic lens. Some of their clients include Lyft, Budweiser, and Chick-fil-A. They strive to take an idea and make it an OOH reality. Ilum serves cities throughout Florida, with ad engagement in market penetration in a number of areas. Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville are some of Ilum’s most notable areas to digitize in. 

Mobile Billboard Orlando

Mobile Billboard Orlando is Central Florida’s premier advertising company. It’s a promotions and marketing company that does effective outdoor mobile billboards throughout Orlando. It provides service to all of Florida with partners like Mobile Billboard Miami and Orlando. Some of their clients include McDonald’s, Sun Life Financial, and AT&T. They include both static and digital LED mobile billboard trucks, depending on the client’s wishes. Mobile Billboard Orlando provides services in graphic design, as well as mobile advertising. 


Mobile Billboard Mobile makes people think twice with their truck displays


APS Mobile Ads

APS Mobile Ads is the premiere Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, and all of Florida and Georgia mobile billboard advertising company that offers platinum, silver, and gold rates depending on the mobile billboard package chosen. They ensure that your target audience receives your message through dedicated commitment and follow up conversation. APS offers large mobile billboard trucks and trailers that best speak to the consumers of Florida and friends just visiting. With APS’ signature U-Tow mobile billboard rental service, it has opened up untouched ad opportunities for companies with smaller budgets. Their U-Tow service, in their gold package, allows clients to bring the vehicle and driver to them, but they supply the billboard messaging. From Chicago to Miami, day or night, rain or shine, APS delivers quality mobile billboards. 


UMedia has been in business since 1997 and has more than 21 years of experience in the outdoor advertising world. Customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships are number one goals for UMedia, and their client feedback proves their steadfast dedication. They combine mobile billboards with digital LED mobile billboards to grab the attention of thousands of people in shopping and convention centers, sports stadiums, concerts, and other special events. They specialize in mobile billboards that are arts-focused and creatively envisioned. Something unique that UMedia does is broadcasting a given company’s title and logo day and night, while offering you cost-effective advertising methods that’s more affordable than their competitors in OOH advertising. They do advertising in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, and Jacksonville, Florida.


Uniquely targeted to the Tampa area tax payers, these mobile billboards gain attention


Mobile Billboard Miami

Mobile Billboard Miami (MBM) is a promotions and marketing company that specializes in mobile billboard advertising throughout South Florida. They bring forth both static and digital LED mobile billboard trucks. MBM provides services in graphic design, printing, banner printing, and product distribution. MBM covers the entire state of Florida, and all their fleet trucks use lighting meant for effective nighttime advertising. All their trucks also include exterior speakers for better, well-rounded advertising initiatives. They famously put 3 billboards on 3 mobile trucks that demanded better gun control and affiliated laws in the U.S. 

Guerrilla Mobile Billboards

Guerrilla Mobile Billboards was founded in 1999 to add value to outdoor marketing campaigns. They specialize in the production and implementation of mobile billboard marketing campaigns using custom designed “guerrilla trucks” which feature a billboard on both sides for better visibility. They have geographic flexibility – they can target small local areas for intensive, exclusive coverage, or large areas for a broader impact. Guerrilla Mobile Billboards run on behalf of advertising with labor unions, banks + credit unions, hospitals, health insurance companies, retailers, trade show and convention groups, and employee recruitments. They use 30 sheet billboards at over 9′ x 19.5′ to maximize their performance, appearance, and mobility. They’ve helped a number of banks with their service, and they still penetrate markets in the East Coast and the Midwest States. 


The East Coast and Midwest States are hit with the most eye-catching mobile billboards

After looking at the multiple mobile billboard companies that Florida has to offer clients, it’s clear that the demand for mobile billboards isn’t slowing down in the sunshine state. 

For more information about local mobile billboards and retargeting strategies helping clients benefit from better consumer reach, visit Movia Media. Our truck fleets follow routes similar to the ones mobile billboard companies in Florida drive on, and we deliver strategized campaigns to the right people. 


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