How important is Outdoor Advertising in today’s Advertising Era?

The advantages of Out-Of-Home Advertising is one of the most talked about subjects on many of my brand phone calls. The majority of Marketing Managers believe OOH is one of the hardest channels to measure ROI due to its broad scope and extremely limited trackability. Today, many brands are opting for more digital-focused strategies with estimates it accounts 40%-45% of all advertising budgets. Some companies are even going as far as allocating 100% of their resources into the digital channel. This option is attractive for reasons such as it’s ease of tractability, ability to target with precision, and the simplicity of executing these marketing campaigns.


But as the old saying goes “It is not always wise to have all your eggs in one basket”. The recent Talon Leadership Brand Sciences study, posted on the OMAC (Out of Home Marketing Association of Canada) website shows exciting data on the effectiveness of ROI when incorporating outdoor advertising into the overall marketing mix. Here are some highlights:

  • There was a significant decline in the whole campaign ROI when OOH was dropped from the marketing mix. When OOH was reintroduced, they saw improvements in ROI across every channel (Page 22-23).
  • Across every marketing channel (except for print), ROI on average was higher when OOH was included in the marketing mix (Page 20).
  • ROI increased the most when used in combination with Radio Advertising and Online Display (Page 20).

If you are interested in details on this study, click the link below:



Moving Billboards, Mobile billboards, Truck Advertising


There are a multitude of effective ways to advertise products, services, or events to a large audience. Moving Billboards, Mobile Billboards, and Truck Advertising in particular can help every brand accomplish ROI goals on upcoming Outdoor Advertising Campaigns. They are useful and trackable. 

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