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3 Reasons Why People Like Truck Advertising.

Imagine you’re riding a bus/car on a dull autumn day (admit, we have many of these in Toronto), you feel almost asleep, because of the pretty same surroundings and BINGO! Your brain finally caught long-awaited stimulus. Bright, vinyl, robust image is moving near you. THE TRUCK AD.

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How important is Outdoor Advertising in today’s Advertising Era?

The advantages of Out-Of-Home Advertising is one of the most talked about subjects on many of my brand phone calls. The majority of Marketing Managers believe OOH is one of the hardest channels to measure ROI due to its broad scope and extremely limited trackability. Today, many brands are opting for more digital-focused strategies with estimates it accounts 40%-45% of all advertising budgets. Some companies are even going as far as allocating 100% of their resources into the digital channel. This option is attractive for reasons such as it’s ease of tractability, ability to target with precision, and the simplicity of executing these marketing campaigns.

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Toronto Billboard Advertising – Vanishing 401 Highway Billboards?

If you’re in the OOH Advertising Industry, you’ve probably heard of this. If you’ve tried to source static billboards along the 401 Highway lately, you’ve also heard of this. The City of Toronto has been pulling long-standing billboard permits from Toronto outdoor advertising companies since the start of 2017. There has been a significant loss of available Billboards in Toronto which is posing to be a considerable issue for brands that rely upon exposure on this busy corridor. Everyone knows not a fact, but the 401 corridor in Toronto is North America’s busiest highway.

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