How to use digital billboards in a successful way

Billboards are one of the most effective methods of advertisement. Technological advancements have transformed the world of outdoor marketing and digital billboards are one of the most popular and effective tools of marketing. Digital Billboards (Digital Outdoor Advertising) are computer-controlled electronic message centres with technology-based capabilities. Unlike traditional static billboards that constantly display one message, digital billboards cycle through multiple ads every minute.

Despite being difficult to ignore, budget-friendly and time-saving, they have many more advantages. There is a huge price difference between digital and static boards because the vinyl production and installation of a static billboard require lots of work and time. Digital boards are easier for outdoor companies to post, and the price is “shared” with a handful of other companies who are also using the digital space. Through our digital billboard grid, we have the capacity to reach over 437,000 commuters per day. That’s over 12 million commuters in a four-week flight! Digital Billboards offer a number of unique features and advantages over traditional static billboards, including design and activation features. So it’s important to know exactly when to use digital billboards.

ads-architecture-billboards-802024Digital Billboards offer a number of unique features and advantages over traditional static billboards.Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura in Pexels.

Save some money

If a static board can’t fit in your marketing budget, a digital board usually costs less than the price of a static board. The catch is: you only get 1/8 of the exposure. So while it’s low-cost overall, it’s not the best value. Change and display your ads daily, weekly, monthly, or even on the hour! It takes seconds to do and doesn’t cost you a cent in print and production costs.

Promote your brand

Digital billboards are usually placed in busy locations meaning that more people will see your advertisement. Digital billboard advertising increases the engagement with your audience by creating a more powerful message. A digital billboard will help you target the right audience immediately or it will create an impact in their mind, thus helping you build brand awareness. Moreover, digital billboards are bold, powerful and colourful and will help you create a more memorable message.

If you want to promote several different exhibits, digital billboards allow you to post multiple boards and rotate them as often as you like. So let’s say you have a feature exhibit and two secondary exhibits. The outdoor company can program your boards so that the feature exhibit appears more often than your two secondary exhibits, or rotate them all equally if you decide they all deserve equal weight. It’s completely up to you and costs no extra money.

Multiple messages and flexible time

Digital billboards are an excellent option if you want to use multiple messages or promote different products, services or events at the same time. They allow you to use the same space and still hit the same market. You can split the time you have and create one or different segments for your advertisement. Your advertisement appears electronically on the screen and you can display two different ads without the need of creating separate campaigns for each of them.

One of the greatest advantages of digital billboards is the speed and simplicity of which the ad can be changed. When you purchase an advertising space on a digital billboard, you can choose to display your ad at different periods of time, thus increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and optimizing your exposure. For example, there might be situations where you need to run your advertisement for a short number of hours over a long period of time or specific days during the week. This will also be very beneficial to your budget regarding that you will use your advertisement time in a more effective way.

If you have a board that looks great lit up against the nighttime sky, digital’s the way to go. In fact, since there is so much flexibility with digital boards, you can have a daytime message and look from dawn to dusk, and a nighttime message and look when the stars come out.

piccadilly-circus-926802_1920Digital billboards are an excellent option if you want to use multiple messages or promote different products. StockSnap in Pixabay.

Be creative

A standard billboard limits you to a single creative for a minimum of four weeks. If you want to change it out after that time you have to add in additional production costs. Digital billboards allow ads to be dynamic, meaning you could run a different ad every minute if you wanted. Digital billboards give you the opportunity to be as creative as you can get. They offer great creative opportunities by using different features such as 3D effects, vibrant colours and make the billboard engage with the surrounding environment. They also offer you a great opportunity to stand in front of the competition, grab the attention of your target audience and create a lasting impact. Billboards – whether digital or static – get the eyes on your brand and visitors through creative advertising.

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