How to rent a billboard?

So, you have a business and want to promote it? there are many forms of advertising that are easily available today such as social media, television, radio and the list continues on and on. A few years ago, companies used to print large ads and glue them onto large billboards, today you have electronic billboards that flip from ad to ad. Over time the cost to rent a billboard has gone up and price.


Outdoor Advertising with digital billboards in Toronto at Dundas Square


Guide to renting a billboard.

A billboard is one of the simplest and easiest forms of advertising once it is set up it require very little maintenance. Compared to other forms of advertisements a billboard ad can be created within a few hours. Compared to a television commercial which can take months to create. When creating a billboard, it is important to create a colorful and bold billboard that is easy to read, you must remember that people viewing your billboard are usually driving past it and have to be able to see it clearly and easily. You also want to make sure you rent a good location for the billboard if you want the most exposure you wouldn’t want your billboard in the middle of a country road in the middle of nowhere, it will not be effective. The business owner should be able to visit the location and ensure it is right and will get the most views from people passing by.


How much does it cost to rent or buy billboard?

Once your business has decided to rent, the problem would be buying one. You can normally rent a billboard for 4 to 6 weeks. This all depends on the location; the billboard could cost anywhere from $600 to upwards of $2.5 million dollars. These prices also factor whether you will use a standard one image billboard or an electronic billboard. In Toronto in particular there are a few agencies that have billboards across the GTA. These companies include: Outfront Media, Pattison, IMA Outdoor and so on. These companies would give you their rates and availability.



Billboard Advertising beside a road


Benefits From renting a billboard

Local businesses are the ones that are best suited for billboards. The main target audience for billboards are drivers who regularly pass by the sign. So, advertisements bust be designed for a local business. When renting a billboard, it is more effective when companies advertise their high sell ticket items. Business should focus on products that can reach everyone.

When a company advertises on a billboard it can be profitable for the business in the long run. It offers great visibility, affordability, coverage and simplicity. It also gives the advantage of reaching out directly to local consumers. Majority of companies tend to choose billboards for their simplicity in design and maintenance.

Location options provided by billboards are the main reason why billboards are still around and a more popular choice by companies advertising on them. With locations available everywhere companies can target the best locations within the city. They also allow businesses to target new locations by placing billboards in areas that the business wants to expand into.


Digital billboards, outdoor advertising at Dundas Square, Toronto


Disadvantages to billboards

Although billboards are an exceptionally easy way to advertise there are some disadvantages. Billboards are stationary so business will have to conducted a little bit of research and figure out which location to place their billboard in order to ensure the most amount of views. Sometimes the best locations are rented out for months and can tend to take time to acquire.

Billboards can seem a bit over complex sometimes. Drivers tend to speed by these billboards quickly so images need to be simple and clear for everyone to see. It is important for business to find and learn which billboard techniques work best for their company to help achieve marketing goals.

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