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Can Outdoor Advertising Capture Attention?

Outdoor advertising, also known as out of home advertising, is a type of advertising that is displayed in areas such as billboards, taxis, transit shelters, mobile billboards, buses, aeroplanes and even restaurants. These types of ads are designed to catch the attention of an audience who are always on the go.

Mobile Billboards Advertising for Travel Cuba in Toronto Canada

Out of home advertising has been in the industry for years because it is a staple in the media mix. Here in the New York, the majority of the population use the mass transit or go about their day to day activities by four, which can create an impact on your business.

Outdoor advertising are sometimes overlooked with other ads because of the misconception that other advertisements are more effective. However, did you know that the average trip of a commuter is about 45 minutes? In North America, many people have also experienced getting stuck in traffic because it’s payday or there’s an upcoming long weekend. Imagine the audience that you can reach with this scenario.

Mobile Billboards: These ads are moving billboards that are placed on the sides and backs of delivery trucks. The ads are large and stands out as a unique way of delivering creative outdoor advertising. The popularity of mobile billboards is increase as more and more brands find it effective. The reach is somewhat similar to taxis.

Airport ads: Some examples of these ads are those near baggage carousels and backlit signages around the airport. The people in travellers are those with spending capacity since travelling is a luxury. It also guarantees maximum exposure for your brand since there are always people in airports.

Bus ads: The strengths of bus advertisements, on the other hand, is consistent exposure for your brand. Use this medium especially if your target consumers are commuters, drivers and pedestrians. Since bus ads are more versatile than taxi ads, you can also be more creative with your messaging. They can also be placed at the back or even the sides of the bus.

Benefits of Outdoor advertising

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How to rent a billboard?

So, you have a business and want to promote it? there are many forms of advertising that are easily available today such as social media, television, radio and the list continues on and on. A few years ago, companies used to print large ads and glue them onto large billboards, today you have electronic billboards that flip from ad to ad. Over time the cost to rent a billboard has gone up and price.

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