OOH- Everything you need to know about Aerial Advertising

benefits of aerial advertising out of home advertising

When it comes to out-of-home advertising (OOH), most companies generally think of mobile billboards, static billboards, and transit shelter advertising. Ironically, aerial advertising is usually overlooked. This unusual yet effective form of advertising generates immediate brand awareness.

Just imagine,  the sound of a loud engine overhead, followed by a simple call-to-action and your brand name! The number one benefit of aerial advertising is unsurprising, its novelty. Aerial advertisements happen so infrequently that each banner passing will likely remain in the viewers’ minds. People even enjoy watching the planes fly by.

To add, aerial advertising is a non-intrusive form of campaigning your brand. It is the only medium that is displayed free from all other cluttered ads. Instead, it provides a pleasant distraction and pure entertainment to those located below.

aerial advertising out of home advertising benefits

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Aerial advertising is also extremely cost-effective relative to more traditional approaches to advertising. In a short period, these ads reach thousands of people without going unnoticed. The return on investment (ROI) is incomparable to other forms of marketing.

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