Comparing Truckside Advertising to Other Billboard Advertising

It’s commonplace to run into multitudes of billboards when you’re out and about, but it’s not as common to experience the impressions of truckside advertising. Truckside advertising is the marketing move of partially or wholly covering a transport truck in an advertisement for a given business. This is part of the definition for a mobile billboard. Most likely, truckside advertising will be made up of large vinyl sheets that work as design decals. This advertising channel has the gumption to reach captive, well-targeted audiences, and may be a better option more geared to reaching the ideal consumer rather than other billboards.

With the overall impression count of about 30,000-70,000 people reached each day by truckside advertising, the possibilities for consumers taking the next step are high. This advertising channel engages consumers where they least expect it, rather than expose them to advertising in their most commonly frequented hubs. Advertising that impacts people with surprise is more likely to be effective than advertising in places where people already see it and willingly avoid messages. This post will highlight the advantages of truckside advertising, how it’s a great medium for promotional advertising, and how different billboards operate their marketing messages in other ways.


Truckside advertising reaches places other billboards can't


The Advantages of Truckside Over Other Billboards

Static billboards, wallscapes, hand-painted murals, walking billboards, and more are all adjustable and performative executions in an out-of-home marketing mix. However, truckside advertising offers qualities that some of these solutions lack. For example, truckside advertising is not set on following just one route. The advertising moves from place to place in order to pick up the impressions of multiple demographics of people. With the exception of walking billboards, other billboards are stagnant and can only reach people already in the vicinity. On top of that, walking billboards aren’t as fast and can’t travel as many places as trucks can because they rely on a human walking pace.

Truckside advertising is also able to stand as a suitable execution for a drawn out period of time. While other billboards have a shorter lifespan in public settings, ads rolled out on trucks can live a lot longer. It’s really up to the campaign’s longevity and the advertiser’s requests to keep the ad in place. While other city bylaws may limit the length of time a billboard remains in one city place, truckside advertising operates under a different, more private system that protects the ad’s performance. Adding to their longevity, truckside advertising can also be reflective using LED lighting displays to change up the advertising according to the time of day.


Promotional material can be expressed on the sides and backs of trucks


Why Truckside Advertising is Great for Promotional Material

While truckside advertising is great advertising in general, more specifically it can be effectively used to market promotions and engage people in an upcoming sensation. For example, strong outdoor visuals on trucks create brand buzz and eventual loyalty in the product or service. It captures the attention of many audiences prior to them experiencing the promotional event itself. Sponsorships with music venues, convention spaces, or other events related businesses is not uncommon for a service advertised on trucks. Marketing teams can work in conjunction with businesses using truckside advertising to promote local shops or services. These partnerships exist in channels such as truckside advertising, and aren’t necessarily an option with other billboards such as wallscapes.

Truckside advertising is perfect for national exposure and event marketing. Fleet graphics on truckside can help spread the messages to many areas at once. The mobility of the messages surpasses the stand alone angle of other billboards. When we’re talking about promotion, we want everybody to be well-informed. With truckside advertising, the frequency of reach on a national, regional, or local level can be more than what was originally bargained for in the best way possible. High reach is valuable reach. 


3D billboards pop in outdoor spaces


Other Billboards and How They Communicate

While we’ve talked about some advantages of truckside advertising and how it’s a suitable medium for promotional advertising, let’s see how other billboard advertisements perform and what they have to offer differently.

3D Static Billboards – these billboards surely pop in outdoor settings, as they go beyond the limits of what static means. By adding structure and perspective changing elements to their designs, 3D static billboards can provide effective, memorable outdoor advertising.

Hand-Painted Murals – most effective in arts-focused communities, these artistic and original billboards act more as paintings as they do billboards, but still represent a brand or service. By painting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece on the side of a billboard or elsewhere, this channel delivers advertising perfect for picture-taking.

Walking Billboards – great for publicizing promotional events, walking billboards are led by volunteers or hired marketing people to distribute messages to people on foot. These billboards are different because they use human interaction and a one-on-one conversational approach to allure consumers of their advertising.


Hand-painting murals bring art to advertising


After seeing how truckside advertising performs in an OOH environment, how it’s a great tool for promotional events, and how other billboards fare to it, it’s necessary to point out how impressionable this channel is. Truckside advertising moves beyond billboards, and carries valuable consumer experiences on its back.

For more information regarding truckside advertising and how you can get started advertising with one, check out the work we do at Movia Media. Our mobile billboards are unique, offer quality impressions, and are client-focused to provide significant outdoor advertising to your marketing mix.

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