Best Services for Truckside Advertising

Truckside advertising is an up and coming option for a lot of minor and major businesses. Because of its widespread reach, flexibility in designs, performance consistency, and cost-effectiveness, among other features, truckside advertising is the favorable option for marketers looking to maximize their OOH presence. Trucks featuring beneficial advertising reaches consumers when they’re at their point of purchase, and ensure future recall and recognition. Ads truckside are easily viewed and visible to anyone within standard reach from the vehicles. In statistical terms, mobile truck advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than static billboards. This attention is important for services that require constant business to move forward with their plans. Today, we’re going to talk about three significant services that can benefit, and are already benefitting, from truckside advertising.


Fitness marketing works out on trucks


Fitness Marketing

Let’s face it- how many people say they’re heading to the gym when they’re really preoccupied with other duties? One of the ways in which gyms can grab a hold of potential members is to advertise to them when they’re already driving around. Gyms using truckside advertising can reach large numbers of people who may or may not already be committed to an active lifestyle. This advertising can serve as a reminder for people to fulfill their promises of attending a gym, while also serving attractive discounts for memberships.

Boost Outdoor Media uses video LED mobile billboards to share special trainer footage on the sides of their trucks. They believe in putting real faces on their advertising to represent the gym because it has a better chance of connecting with plausible clients. Digital truckside advertising is an interesting, and somewhat untapped, market that gyms can take advantage of. The possibilities for fitness marketing on truckside advertising are both trendy and beneficial.


Nonprofits can locally benefit from truckside ads


Nonprofit Organizations

Services like American Red Cross Disaster Relief can spread their meaningful messages through the use of truckside advertising targeted at large, charitable neighborhoods. Because nonprofits are run on a donation level, this form of advertising can bring in plenty of hopeful donors. Smaller nonprofits that don’t have such a large reach as American Red Cross, such as locally run charitable organizations, can use truckside advertising to alert people in their community of their resources and the work they do.

Nonprofit organizations are a great service that can benefit from truckside advertising because their aim and angle is not consumerist- it’s humanist. A mobile billboard with a nonprofit message on it may end up being more actionable than one sending messages about investing in a diamond, depending on the location and the demographic population exposed to it. Nonprofit advertising tends to pull at our emotive senses, and appeal to our caregiver nature, which can be dutifully expressed with truckside advertising.


Schools can use recruiting strategies on truckside ads


Educational Recruitment

What better way to entice future students, and their parents, about a fantastic educational opportunity than to provide informational material laid out on a truckside ad? Schools can use truckside advertising to effectively reach their targets, which are future students and their families. This can remind people of the educational options there are in places they’re growing up, or outside of that.

Truckside advertising can be used to enlist, interest, and answer questions about further education. A call-to-action is very important for educational recruitment, as the next steps would take place on another platform (such as through the school’s website). Movia Media ran a one month campaign for Albert College which was meant to increase the amount of students enrolling in the fall semester. The work paid off, and the number of impressions were more than imagined.

After seeing how fitness marketing, nonprofit organizations, and educational recruitment can benefit from truckside advertising, it’s clear that these services are a few of the top choices for creating lasting campaigns in an OOH scope that influence people to take reasonable action.

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