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6 Popular Billboard Campaign by Tech Giants

Tech brands use billboards as their preferred channel of advertising when they need to reach a diverse audience. They also see billboards as an ideal medium to increase their brand awareness. App companies saw increased downloads and organic searches of their apps because of successful outdoor campaigns. Some of the big names in the technology […]

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Out of Home Advertising and Realtors

Real-estate firms and agents have way more challenges and obstacles when they try to create brand awareness with their customers compared to other industries. For starters, their target segment is very specific and most of the time it’s contained to a particular geographic area, which reduces their customer base significantly. Additionally, the proportion of millennials […]

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Target truck-side advertising

Why Out-of-Home is a Win for Retailers

According to Statista, the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market is the largest in the United States, with an estimated market value of $635 billion. This is why  players in the FMCG market compete aggressively in advertising to showcase why and how their products are the best in the market. Today, there are over 343,106 billboards […]

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