ADbike -New OOH Advertising Platform that wins target awareness

What is an Adbike? It is as simple as it sounds – they are advertisements on bikes.

ADbikes allow media buyers to deliver their message anywhere they want at consumers’ eye level. A big poster panel attached to your bicycle won’t go unnoticed in high traffic areas.

Adbikes Out of home advertising


Within the out-of-home advertising industry, adbikes offer an exciting alternative to the standard static billboard. Furthermore, having a “rider” on the bike acts as an additional sales force in which, companies can generate more brand awareness by utilising: company clothing (dressed on the rider), product samples/distribution, or a company representative who can immediately respond to customer’s questions.

Advantages of using Adbike

The main benefit of an adbike is that it allows brands to gain high exposure at a little cost. Riders can operate during the day and night while relocating to highly populated areas with little hassle. Furthermore, since adbikes are located at a “closer point” to the consumers, your campaign will have a greater chance of being recognised and absorbed by the public.

advantages and disadvantages of adbikes


Adbikes are also perfect to place (or ride) in retail environments such as, near a store opening or product launches. They function excellently in busy pedestrian streets or sporting events and concerts. This eco-friendly form of out-of-home advertising (OOH) is an innovative way to stand out in a crowd full of potential buyers.

It’s never too late to start using Adbikes – all you need is an enthusiastic rider, a bicycle, the ad of your choice, and you’re set!

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