A Glance at Seasonal Marketing

Many small businesses have yet to create seasonal marketing strategies. Events, celebrations and different seasons present opportunities to boost brand awareness and increase revenue. Here are some tips to plan properly:

Tip #1) Start Planning Early

Seasonal promotions and product offerings should make some appearance months before the season occurs. The number one goal is to get ahead of the competition, so the earlier you start, the better off you are! Research the relative timing that seasonal sales begin and plan accordingly. Also, it may be necessary to increase your advertising budget during these times. The nice thing with planning early is that Outdoor Billboard Companies will still have the available supply. Static Billboards and Moving Billboards that target highly desirable locations often get booked up many months in advance of Seasonal Marketing Seasons.

Tip #2) Update your logo/images with seasonal images

Updating your web designs, logos, or posting images will help your customers begin to think about seasonal purchases. For example – adding Christmas lights to your logo will draw attention to upcoming holiday promotions.
seasonal advertising out of home advertising

Tip #3) Add service offerings

Use any opportunity for your company to customise a specific service offering catered to a season or holiday. To illustrate, chocolate and candy companies tend to add unique offerings and incentives during February before Valentine’s day. They do this months ahead of actual Valentine’s day!

Tip #4) Beat the competition

It is always important to differentiate yourself from competitors – especially during the most competitive holiday times. Find a unique way to advertise the product that will set you apart.

seasonal advertising out of home advertising


Tip #5) Analyze results

Always look at the results from last year and determine what success was and what wasn’t. Adapt your advertising tactics to these insights.

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