A Look into Out-of-Home Advertising Industry in China

In such a geographically large, and highly populated country, Chinese advertisers often find themselves struggling to reach their targeted audience. With a decline in television viewership and a rise in internet use, traditional advertising methods are slowly becoming outdated.

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More than 500 million people in China use the internet, driving internet advertising to be the most suitable for this market. Research suggests that videos are the most beneficial way to capture your audience, as it can provide viewers with engaging content. To add, advertising online allows marketers to select a specific audience which ensures that their campaigns can strategically hit a certain age, gender, etc.

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With the rise in internet advertising, social media is becoming more and more crucial for brands awareness. In China, more than 90% of internet users use social media to an extent. Thus, this form of advertising for promoting your business is becoming a necessary tool.

It is also encouraged that advertisers begin incorporating the use of digital screens. LED screens and LED OOH Billboards are now dominating the industry with displays in malls, restaurants and offices; becoming the number one form of outdoor advertising. The tall buildings in China provide the possibility to set huge screens broadcasting advertisements. Similarly, the largest cities in China are running screen advertisements in taxis to catch the attention of those on the go.

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