Rules to Design Effective Mobile Billboard & Truck Advertisement

Designing a mobile billboard requires specific criteria that differs from regularly copyright work. It is important to remember that your advertisement may either be moving quickly on the road or stuck in traffic. Either way, your truck advertising should catch people’s attention, be easy to read and help to create brand awareness. You want the moving billboard to be as digestible and eye-catching as possible. Here is what we recommend:

  1. Brand Identity

Mobile billboards serve best for spreading brand awareness. So before you begin designing an entire advertisement, make sure your company has a strong brand identity. This includes having 

truckside advertising, mobile billboard, Moving Billboards, 3D mobile Billboard, Truck adveritisingan attractive and easy-to-remember logo, consistent brand colours and themes, and consistent slogans and catchphrases. Moving billboard advertising is particularly an effective medium for building brand consistency because, like all out-of-home media, it is inescapable, and creates top-of-mind awareness.

  1. Consistent Imagery

This can be achieved by using one style or type of caricature. For example, when you see Starbucks advertise their new drinks, you hardly have to look for the Starbucks name to recognise it as such. You can tell by the mostly muted colouring and bright green.

  1. Call-to-action

It is incredibly important that your advertisement has its call-to-action in an easy to see the spot. You want it to be as easy as possible for your consumers to identify and find you. Examples of CTAs include a web address, business phone number, or business address.  

  1. Simplicity

The simpler your advertisement, the better. Often, well laid out and composed advertisements work best. The more straightforward and more obvious your advertisement is, the better.

Moving Billboards, 3D mobile Billboard, Truck adveritising

  1. Bright colours

Using bright colours, texts and fonts will make passersby more likely to look at your advertisement. This is especially important for mobile billboard advertisements.

  1. Engage or Entertain

The best advertisements usually include some element of engagement or entertainment. Using funny or shock value content makes your ad more likely to be talked about and shared. Generating word-of-mouth buzz is ideal.

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