Top 4 Reasons to Choose Mobile Billboard Advertising


Mobile billboards are a form of out-of-home advertising (OOH); radio, static billboards, and mall/airport advertising fall into this same category. Using a mobile billboard for advertising is an advertising niche called mobile outdoor advertising. It holds strong reasons why we need to opt for mobile billboard advertising.

You can’t miss it, and there’s no way to avoid having your eyes drawn towards a MASSIVE truck side advertisement driving by. With that being said, your ad has a greater chance of being noticed, leading to greater brand awareness.

mobile billboard truck, outdoor advertising, mobile advertising

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Consumers are flooded with advertisements everywhere. Every website, transit shelter, radio station and television network is cluttered with hundreds of ads. Mobile Billboards allow companies to advertise and stand out because they are positioned away from all other competitors.


Truck side advertising is way cheaper than paying for a commercial, radio ad or a static billboard in a “good” location. In addition to receiving greater impression counts due to its mobility, the low cost of installing a truck side ad reasons it to be the most effective and efficient form of advertising.

mobile billboards, mobile billboard truck, outdoor advertising, mobile advertising

Mobile billboard advertising allows you to geo-target potential customers. Rather than wasting your marketing budget on customers who will tune out your advertising, fleet graphics can move to reach the customers your company is targeting directly.

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