Funny & Creative Advertising Campaigns that Rocked the Internet

Let’s be real, a lot of outdoor advertising can be an eyesore, but when it’s good, it’s perfect. The most creative outdoor advertising campaigns, grab attention and usually have that “hah, I see what they did there” factor. Adweek did a fantastic job at summarising these, here is what I believe are key takeaways.

Patricia Houlihan Shoots Lasers Out of Her Eyes

Lesson #1: It’s okay to be silly

While this outdoor advertising billboard only came up as last on the list, this one is my personal favourite. It features Patricia Houlihan, a real-estate agent in Vancouver. This bus advertising rocked the internet, making it onto the front page of Reddit. Here is what I love about this ad, it’s silly but tastefully silly. Advertisements like these are the perfect formula for general brand awareness, and the best part is, it only took one bus ad. Great job Immersion Creative. Your ad killed it.

Patricia Houslihan brand awareness OOH Campaign, creative outdoor advertising

Transport Accident Commission’s, Graham

Lesson #2: Memes work

If you haven’t seen this meme floating around on the internet, I don’t know where you’ve been. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and Australia’s Transport Accident Commission came up with this brilliant idea to show how the human body has not evolved to be car crash resistant. So, they created Graham, to explain what the human body would look like if it could withstand car crashes. He is both hideous and hilarious – and the internet loved it! He has been photoshopped into just about everything. Graham is both my favourite meme and personal ad.
Most importantly, despite all the humorous photoshopping that’s been done, the message is not lost on the viewers. His entire being is a reminder of driving safety. It is brilliant.

creative outdoor advertising, Funniest advertisement campaigns Graham

creative outdoor advertising, best internet advertisements Graham

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Lesson #3: Engage your audience

Okay, this may not be on Adweek’s list, but Doritos has earned an honourable shoutout. Regarding advertising, Doritos does an excellent job at advertising both online and offline. For nearly a decade, they’ve had a spot-on Super Bowl marketing strategy that takes audience engagement to new heights. Every year Doritos hosts a competition, inviting Doritos lovers to pitch their advertisement idea. Voters online pick which one they like best. The winner’s advertisement gets aired during the Superbowl. It receives the internet talking plus it cultivates creativity beyond just one ad agency. Genius.

creative outdoor advertising, doritos advertisement best internet advertisements

Scream your name

Toronto was taken by surprise when this witty ad was posted on the highways of the city. It’s a simple, yet provocative call to action—one that takes only seconds to read while passing a billboard on the highway but stays in your head long after the fact as your brain figures out what it means.

These kinds of ads have the power to grab the attention of the viewer and also create a sense of curiosity and urgency, it is both witty and pass on the brand message.

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