The Power Of 3D Billboards in OOH Advertising

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A movie filmed in 3D can make some of its most dramatic scenes pop, and the same is true for advertising. For an out-of-home ad, a 3D visual can turn an otherwise ordinary idea into a great one, to capture attention and make people stop in their tracks. 

The use of 3D visuals in advertising has grown more popular over the decades, and it appears in more than one form (more on this later). It may not seem like a feasible or practical technique for your brand, but you’ll be surprised at how a 3D ad can elevate your message to new levels. You have to be willing to take the chance. 

3d Graphics Add Extra “Oomph” To Ads

Ultimately, the 3D artwork is about “texture”. Just like projectiles or holograms in a 3D movie look like things you can almost touch, a 3D element in an ad turns into something that’s more experiential.

How so? In many cases, 3D ads will demand more sustained attention from viewers, because the advertisement seems to stretch beyond the billboard itself. Their eyes may follow the path of an object that sticks out of the ad and into the air or ground.

While that sounds like its making the viewer do more, it’s a good thing, because that bit of extra eye movement translates into more engagement and retention. They are easy to recall.

For example, take a look at this ad below:

3d tylenol ads

First and foremost, this ad is excellent because captures the unpleasant sensation of a throbbing headache that so many of us recognise. But the design is impeccable as well. Just looking at it engages your eyes and brain.

You may wonder if the wrecking ball is real or if it’s painted on to look as if it’s real. For a viewer on foot, they might walk around to see if the crane is there (in this case, the entire set – crane and wrecking ball is part of the ad).

A tremendous 3D ad not only aligns with the core message, but it also encourages the viewer to engage with it, turning the billboard into an experience.

Types of 3D Billboard “Textures” 

Keep in mind that not all 3D graphics look or “feel” the same. 3D is more or less an effect, which can be produced using different methods.

  • Optical illusions – These ads are two-dimensional but appear to be 3D due to how the art fools our depth perception. These kinds of 3D ads tend to be the most affordable and the easiest to execute.  
  • Physically altered – These ads literally “pop” – they often have parts that stick out as objects you can physically touch. They tend to look like the product/service they’re promoting or depict the scenario they want you to avoid or experience. 
  • Transparent/framed – These ads interact with the environment by serving as a window which viewers can see right through. They typically emphasise the benefit of clarity or realism that a particular product delivers.


Benefits Of 3D Billboards

  • Brings the message to life – A 3D rendition of a feature or benefit, even if it’s exaggerated, provides a more lifelike demonstration of a product’s capabilities than just a flat image. It can also take an otherwise clear concept, and make it great only because it makes use of its environment. 
  • More memorable – A well-executed 3D billboard will more than likely linger in a viewer’s memory for the simple fact that it engaged them more than a regular one. The more unique the ad is with its use of 3D, the chances of brand retention and even customer acquisition increase significantly. 
  • Potentially press-worthy – Gaining local or even international media attention isn’t the goal of advertising, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it. It only boosts the awareness of your brand. A flat billboard, regardless of how it creative is, probably won’t get any coverage, but a 3D “experience” will probably get a mention, especially if it’s stopping people and making them look.

Another Layer To a Flat Ad

You might be stuck with a creative idea that drives home a key message, but doesn’t seem…creative. Or maybe you’re in a competitive space where everyone uses the same style imagery. Whatever the dilemma, the solution may be the 3D treatment.

The use of 3D graphics and 3D billboards can make boring ideas exciting and USPs more powerful and stale brands seem fresh. No matter what stage of life your business is in, consider the use of these billboards. You will engage with your audience in ways that your currents ads may have yet to accomplish.

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