Radio Advertising and a Moving Billboard – It’s a match!

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According to a research from the marketing intelligence firm Warc (check it out here), Canada’s advertisements is expected to grow 2.4% this year. With all the companies increasing their investments in media, how can your company differ?

One of the best marketing strategies is to develop coordinated campaigns where you use more than just one media. By investing in different vehicles of promotion, you will impact your target like never before.

Two important media that are in continued growth is radio and OOH advertisement. Let’s check why it’s a good idea to invest in Outdoor Advertising if you already advertise on the radio:

First, an OOH ad is any advertising that targets consumers while they are out of their home, like a moving billboard (the advertisement that is placed on truck sides). Meanwhile, radio advertisement, as you can probably imagine, it is all about commercials and sponsors used in radio broadcasting.

According to the Radio Marketing Bureau, radio reaches 91% of Canadians each week. Technavio, a technology and research firm, says that globally the OOH market will experience a growth rate of 5% each year and will be worth approx. US$45.5 billion by 2021.

Not enough reasons for you? Then follow me on this scenario.

Imagine someone driving around town, listening to the radio and suddenly your commercial start playing, then at the same time, or later a moving billboard passes by with the same advertisement. How`s that for brand awareness? It`s a perfect match!

The DioGuardi Tax Brokers did one well-succeed example of a coordinated campaign between radio and the Out-of-home advertisement. The company developed an impactful campaign with the slogan “Deal with the Taxman” using radio and OOH ads as a strategy. We all saw it! The campaign received over 40M Impressions over four months on three trucks in Toronto!

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