Outdoor Billboards Options for Toronto Billboard Advertising

You are an entrepreneur with a booming business.

Here in Canada small business makeup to 98% of the employers so hats off to you. But many small businesses go under in their first year for lack of planning. And here is where advertisement plays a key role. Now the business you want to expand looks good, and you want to have more customers. So, you google “advertisement Toronto”, or rather “cheap ads Toronto”.

We all know how confusing the internet can get and most websites will not share their rates unless you click on the “contact us” button. Please, let us help you.

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Nowadays advertisers have their eyes on Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH). This encompasses your basic billboards, posters and mobile billboards (TTC buses, streetcars and truck advertising). Now, here in Toronto, a mobile billboard advertisement on a streetcar can cost you in the range of around $35000 for four weeks per streetcar plus production cost.

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Let me introduce you to a different type of mobile billboard advertising, truck advertising. Think about it, how many times have you found yourself stuck in traffic staring at the back of the truck? Well, this type of Toronto billboard advertising is making use of these trucks to reach costumers walking on the streets and even more driving on the roads and highways. This innovative approach is not bound by streetcar rails, and you get to choose the route that best suits you and all within your budget.

Mobile billboards in general are a cost-effective, attention-grabbing option for your ad campaign. With high visibility and targeted reach, they create brand awareness and leave a lasting impression. Their flexibility in targeting specific demographics and geographic areas ensures your message reaches the right audience.

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