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Spectacular Impressions On A Tight Budget with OOH Cost Effectiveness


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The year is 2017 and the big companies are spending millions upon million of dollars for small 10-second ads segments on TV. Just this year a 30-second ad for the Super Bowl was reported to be around $5 million by the New York Times. What about a YouTube ad? Well, at a $0.20 cost-per-view, it would cost around $22 million to get a 30-second at to the same 111.3 million people who watched the Super Bowl this year.

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 Activations from OOH past six months

Not everyone has that kind of cash as do the biggest corporations. So, we must turn to Out of Home advertisement (OOH), and more specifically the rising trend of Truck advertisement. This strategy will reach new costumers on the go. In fact, 46% of people initiate an online search as a result of OOH. Meaning that anything from a moving billboard, or a streetcar wrap or a moving truck advertainments prompts consumers to search the web most likely on their smart phones. This almost immediate response from consumers gives for a reliable increase in awareness of the product being advertised.


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Mobile Billboard Advertising

Going back to out Super Bowl example. For Truck advertisement the cost of getting 113 million impressions is less than 2%. Meaning that a TV ad running on the Super Bowl will cost you 50 times as much as a truck moving billboard. Though it should be noted that those impressions must be earned over time as oppose to all in 30 seconds.


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Ad Campaigns that rocked the Internet – part 2

Following the industry’s lead, more and more companies have to start to shift their attention from the Baby-Boomer generation for the younger Millennials. As of 2017, most millennials have a drivers licence, are in the working force and are moderately inexperienced in the marketplace. For truck advertising, this is the perfect trifecta. Moving billboards are seeing not only by pedestrians but most frequently by drivers on the road.

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Outdoor Billboards Options for Toronto Billboard Advertising


You are an entrepreneur with a booming business.

Here in Canada small business makeup to 98% of the employers so hats off to you. But many small businesses go under in their first year for lack of planning. And here is where advertisement plays a key role. Now the business you want to expand looks good, and you want to have more customers. So, you google “advertisement Toronto”, or rather “cheap ads Toronto”.

We all know how confusing the internet can get and most websites will not share their rates unless you click on the “contact us” button. Please, let us help you.

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