Outdoor Ad Companies that Dominate the Toronto Billboard Market

People are exposed to numerous billboards on a daily basis. You can see them everywhere on the streets, but who owns and operates these stands? How much does it cost to rent one for a campaign?

In Canada, the billboard stands industry is dominated by four major advertising and media companies – Pattison, Outfront, Lamar and Astral. The price for each billboard stand varies significantly depending on but not limited to factors like the location of the billboard, its size, the duration of the campaign, time of the year and current market conditions. Let’s take a closer look at each of these companies.


Pattison Outdoor Advertising

Pattison is the largest billboard advertising company in the Canadian market. The company own 52% (343 boards) of superboards in the Canadian market and has 37% (46 boards) of market share in spectacular boards. Both types of billboards come in multiple sizes: superboards are 10’H x 40’W, 10’H x 44’W and 14’H x 48’W, and spectaculars are 28’H x 48’W or 28’H x 60’W. The company owns not only numerous billboards, but also posters and street furniture locations throughout Canada.


superboard pattison outdoor advertising billboard toronto blue jays out-of-home OOH


horizontal-poster pattison_outdoor_advertising billboard toronto cn_tower out-of-home OOH strongbow 

Outfront Media

Outfront Media is the “leading full-service Out-of-Home advertising company” in Canada that offers a wide spectrum of products to its clients. Among the services offered by the company are: digital posters and bulletins, street furniture and posters, and large format superboards. Out front works in more than 60 markets all over Canada, including the major markets of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The company has around 6,400 billboards across the major markets in the world. Their superboards are available in 11 markets (including Toronto and Montreal) and come in two sizes 10’H x 44’W and 14’H x 48”W.

One of the billboard locations by Outfront Media is the digital screen on Yonge and Eglinton Centre that was launched in 2014.


outdoor advertising, billboard toronto, digital billboard, out-of-home advertising


outdoor advertising, billboard toronto, digital billboard, out-of-home advertising


Lamar Advertising

Lamar Advertising Company is among the largest companies in the world also offers the companies its billboard stands across Canada. Among the company’s services are various types of billboards (including digital), interstate logo and different transit ad formats. Lamar owns more than 144,000 billboards in North America and has its billboards on property owned by more than 60,000 businesses and individuals across U.S. and Canada. The large format billboards are usually 14’H x 48’W in size.


outdoor advertising, billboard toronto, digital billboard, out-of-home advertising


Astral (Bell Media)

Astral is a part of Bell Media company also offers its services to the public. The company owns multiple billboard locations across Canada. Among the services provided by Astral are street furniture, digital and static billboard, large format spectaculars and transit. The company covers major markets in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and British Columbia with 30,000 boards strategically placed there. Among the stands offered by Astral in Ontario and Quebec are 10’H x 20’W horizontal posters, 16’H x 12’W vertical posters, 14’H x 48’W superboards. The company also has 34 digital advertising boards located across Toronto that offers a high reach rate for its customers. Furthermore, Astral has 15 boards strategically located in Vancouver, 11 in Calgary and 29 in Edmonton.


outdoor advertising, billboard toronto, digital billboard, out-of-home advertising


billboard toronto, digital billboard, out-of-home advertising





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