OOH Advertising Trends or What To Expect in 2018


digital billboards, outdoor advertising

As 2017 quickly comes to an end, it’s time to take a look at the future trends of the out-of-home advertising industry. This year has been full of new inventions and developments in the OOH advertising sector, with new creative ideas continually coming in. So what changes in the OOH industry should companies expect in 2018?



Increase Use of OOH Advertising In The Marketing Mix

The role of OOH advertising in campaigns has been increasing every year. Whether paired with internet or TV advertising, OOH brought great results. Combining OOH with the Internet and mobile advertising will expand the reach by 68% and 315% respectively, reports the OAAA. Furthermore, according to the Nielson findings, OOH ads drive engagement on online social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, more effectively than any other form of media.

digital billboards, outdoor advertising


By adding OOH to the advertising mix, companies can increase retention, bring more brand awareness and reach a broader scale of customers.



Advertising Expenditure Will Increase

Political and economic instabilities in the previous years seem to have slowed down the growth in advertising expenditure. Despite this, 2018 forecasts look more promising mainly due to the significant events coming up in 2018, such as the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea and FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Magna Global forecasts that the overall OOH advertising industry will grow by the average 4% in 2018, making OOH one of the main drivers of the advertising expenditure growth.



Digital OOH Space Will Grow

digital billboards, outdoor advertising


The industry that was once dominated by plain posters has now become vibrant full of sounds and effects, with billboards that can change the message according to the state of traffic on the road like the McDonald’s campaign. DOOH advertising continues to grow, PQ Media projects that only in the US the DOOH market will grow at a CAGR of 9.3% between 2016 and 2020 years. More and more digital displays will substitute static billboards, which will offer more entertainment and higher quality content for customers.



Real Time Data & OOH

We are starting to see smarter real-time data implementations into marketing campaigns, using various types of data (weather or geographic) to trigger the appropriate message, such the British Airways “Magic of Flying” campaign, which depicted flight information on the billboard while the aeroplane was passing above.

digital billboards, outdoor advertising


Use of real-time data in the measurements platforms will help to understand the audience better. By observing and analysing the migrational patterns of the targeted audience, companies can create effective campaigns based on real-time geographical data. While using real weather time data can help make your advertisements more eye-catching and amusing to the audience (see the “Baywatch” Movie Campaign). More entertainment for consumers and greater marketing opportunities for advertisers.


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