Moving Billboards In Mexico

The advertising industry in Mexico is steady on the rise, with new experiences and product promotion infiltrating their economy. The country will most likely hold onto its crown as one of Latin America’s leading ad markets for years to come, following Argentina and Brazil. Last year, it was predicted that Mexico’s ad spending reached approx. 4.21 billion USD. Though television advertising is one of the most popular ad channels in Mexico, the country is fast picking up on the benefits of moving billboards.

Travel and tourism brands are challenging industries that are constantly competing for consumer’s attention. Options, costs, and experience are three components that consumers look for when researching their next vacation. But, what is one channel that can delicately touch on opportunities for increased travel and trip booking in an unobtrusive, internet pop-up way? Out-of-home advertising, like mobile billboards, offers more visibility and differentiation than other channels in terms of destination advertising. Mexico is taking note of this. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at what out-of-home advertising is, why mobile billboards work, some consumer behavior in Mexico that leads people to pay attention to moving billboards, and two mobile billboard companies that are applying their services to Mexico’s advertising empire. 


Destination advertising puts Mexican mobile billboards on the map for tourists


Out-of-Home Advertising for Mexico

Out-of-home is an advertising format that is known of its large scale brand awareness and ability to fit in nicely with outdoor properties. It’s always visible, as it’s placed in areas that come into connect with consumers going about their days. Well before the purchase stage, it allows consumers to feel the advertising and its impacts before a decision is made. Especially within destination advertising, when travellers start to actively look for a vacation, OOH companies can solidify their spot as the brand of choice. This is quite influential in advertising for hotspots and getaways in Mexico. EMC Outdoor uses mobile billboards and transit media to spread awareness for Mexico’s dreamy vacation ambience. However not advertising in Mexico per say, and rather in other parts of the world, these mobile billboards advertise Mexico and put the country on the map for being a prime tourist destination.


Why Moving Billboards Work 

Messages on mobile billboards are typically placed on the sides of trucks or buses, alluring pedestrians and drivers within the perimeters. In Mexico, moving billboards are gaining popularity. There are many reasons why Mexico has decided to get on board with mobile advertising, and here are some universal ones: 

  1. Mobile billboard advertising is less costly than running commercials or even using stationary billboards. It’s one of the most efficient forms of advertisement on a budget.
  2. Mobile billboards can help you better reach your target audience. The vehicles that the advertisements are on will be continuously driven and, therefore, your message will be spread around any target neighbourhood or high-traffic area.
  3. You will have more control over your ad campaign. You can track the vehicle with your mobile billboard wherever it goes, so you know exactly who is being reached. 
  4. Your ad is more likely to get noticed than it would if printed in a newspaper or revealed in a digital, internet presence. Since the viewer can’t simply turn the page or navigate away from the ad, you’ll have an easier time getting your message across.


Consumers in Mexico like interest-free packages and advertising should reflect that


Consumer Behavior in Mexico 

Consumers in Mexico are using their purchase power in more ways than one. They’re focused on a convenience push, as they’re constantly looking for products that save their time and make their lives easier. The consumer behavior is shifting from a simple transaction towards more meaningful engagement with a brand or service; a relationship between two halves to make a whole. Brand loyalty is quite high in Mexico, as companies like Grupo Bimbo and Telcel promote open-ended communication and transparency within their target consumers. Bakeries and wireless phone providers can come together to provide consumers with the best of the best in the Mexican marketplace of business. Another tidbit about consumer behavior in Mexico is that most consumers prefer interest-free purchases, which could play out on their moving billboards. Advertising an “interest-free” headline for a company in Mexico could resonate well with targeted consumers. 


Moving billboards that are 4.50 x 2.50 m are prominent in Mexico


Mobile Billboard Companies in Mexico 

Medios Mexico is a mobile billboard company based in Mexico that offers nationwide coverage and diversity to impact all types of markets and consumers. They use 4.50 x 2.50 m truck displays that are 4-sided to capture their audiences running about in Mexico. They circulate through pre-established routes and are accessible in areas where no other advertising touches upon. Medios Mexico operates in 31 states and 75 cities and are talented in manufacturing outdoor cinema, digital marketing, LED displays, and large-format printing and lighting. 

Another mobile billboard company rubbing off on Mexico is Mobile Billboards of North America, which offers non-traditional outdoor advertising to a global audience. Their 10′ x 22′ double-sided displays on their mobile billboard units fully operate anywhere in the States. They use live online GPS tracking for 8 hours of campaigning per day, and highlight their illuminated billboard feature. MBoNA prides themselves on their nationwide coverage, reaching many different target audiences at given times throughout the day. 


New product rollouts are featured on mobile billboards


Mexico is quickly picking up on the strengths of moving billboards, and are giving their economy something interesting to look at that meets their already impressive landscape. After looking at OOH advertising in Mexico, the strengths of using mobile billboards, a bit about the consumer profile, and two mobile billboard companies, it’s discovered that this country utilizes and will continue to utilize the nature of mobile billboards. 

Movia Media is a data-driven mobile billboard provider that taps into markets just like destination advertising for Mexico. Our recent campaign for Travel Cuba meets the tourist reach that moving billboards promoting Mexico takes advantage of in their advertising. Check us out for more opportunities to advertise with fantastic results. 

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