More for Less: Why OOH advertising gives you the best results?

Out-of-home advertising is the way when it comes to getting great results with less investment. Want to know why?

ooh advertising

If you’re looking for a marketing approach that delivers exceptional results while requiring a smaller investment, you’ve come to the right place. Out-of-home advertising has proven to be a game-changer for businesses seeking impactful and cost-effective solutions. But what sets it apart? There are many fascinating reasons behind its effectiveness and the unique advantages it offers.

This fact was discovered after a study developed by the Nielsen Agency. According to the Company, nearly 50% of young people and almost 40% of adults used search engines to look up a piece of information after seeing an out-of-home advertisement.

When we talk about Television, the numbers are also impressive. 57% of adults use the internet to search for information after being impacted by a TV commercial. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers lead 36% of that group to go online.

You might have noticed that all of them have great activations, right?

ooh advertising

We’ll give you one big reason you should go with out-of-home advertising:

If you put together all the advertising investments in 2016 for television, radio, print, and out-of-home, you’ll get something around 100 billion dollars. The out-of-home advertising share would only be 7% of that ($7.6 billion). But the turning point is: that the out-of-home advertising conversion into online engagement is almost four times that value (26%) compared with the other media.

adding on to the conversation, When it comes to advertising, Out-of-Home (OOH) stands out as an effective and budget-friendly option. Building on insights from a Nielsen study, we see just how impactful OOH advertising can be. According to Nielsen, about 40% of adults and nearly 50% of young people were inspired to search for information online after seeing an OOH ad. This shows that OOH ads have a strong ability to get people to take action compared to print media (36% leading to online searches) or TV commercials (57% for adults).

Don’t need to tell you that your company will be making a smart investment. If your company is ready to reach your target with strategy and efficiency, we can help you.

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