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Ever wonder what those vehicles are that pass you by containing vibrant advertisements pertaining to vacation getaways, or omit flashing moving images that show exciting concert footage? Those are called truck ads, or mobile billboards, and they’re a form of advertising that is only picking up more speed in the city of Toronto. Mobile truck advertising is an effective form of advertising that hits people when they least expect it- on their daily commutes or taking a jog down the street. It’s outdoor advertising that packs a bit of a punch.

In Toronto, companies like Wild On Media, Accent Media Corp., and Statements Media dominate the OOH mobile truck advertising market alongside our company, Movia Media. This post will talk about what each of those businesses have to offer in terms of advertising strengths and understand the benefits of a growing industry.


Wild On features 17 feet high monster trucks


Wild On Media Mobile Trucks

Outdoor media company, Wild On Media, services markets all across Canada from Toronto to Winnipeg to Vancouver and much more. Started in 1998, Wild On Media prides themselves for their guerrilla-style still-image and video wall projection services which first made way in Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton. They use a non-traditional marketing approach when carrying out advertised messages. Their out-of-home media includes digital ad trucks, digital taxi tops, helicopter and airplane banners, skywriting, helicopter night signs, wall projections, and street teams. Their digital ad trucks is what got them the reputation they have now.

Wild On Media’s mobile trucks come full equipped with high definition LED text and graphics, but are also capable of using interactive campaigns and live streams to better resonate with target consumers on their paths. Their mobile truck screens are almost 17 feet high and are powered with Smartsign technology which allows their trucks to offer personalized deals straight to people’s smartphones on site. Wild On Media has worked with clients such as Lexus, Uber, OVO Fest, BMO, and much more. Their mobile truck advertising is, as they say, “leading the edge in outdoor media” because of their wide variety of outdoor advertising options and innovative Smartsign inclusion.


Accent Media uses a glass door approach to some of their mobile trucks


Accent Media Corp. Mobile Trucks

Accent Media Corp. is a digital mobile advertising company that bleeds out of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas. They offer digital LED video trucks that run on 3 giant LED screens which deliver rapid video messages to multitudes of people during sports events, concerts, festivals, and elsewhere. Accent Media Corp. also uses scrolling mobile billboard trucks that prove to generate more attention than regular static billboards, as they come with three sides of billboard space and are backlit to ensure all eyes fall on the advertisement.

Slightly unique to Accent Media Corp., they include on their roster glass showcase trucks that act as regular mobile truck advertisements but feature live sets inside a glass showroom. These trucks bring consumers closer to the brand’s products or live experiences because of the 4D transparency. Their trucks are super event-friendly and have been spotted at festivals such as Formula 1 Weekend in Montreal, Montreal Dogfest, and Juno Week in Ottawa. Their glass showroom mobile trucks and event penetration is what separates Accent Media Corp. from other mobile truck advertising companies in Toronto.


Statements Media truly makes a statement. I mean, just look at how bright that ad is!


Statements Media Mobile Trucks

Beginning in 2005, Statements Media Inc. started as a company that specialized in printing ads on dry cleaning garment bags and has developed into a staple of OOH properties and innovative advertising networks across Canada. They reach millions of Canadians daily with their meaningful services that include digital billboard advertising, taxi tops, parking media, dry cleaning media, parking receipt ads, and, of course, mobile digital trucks. Their markets available for their mobile digital trucks include: Toronto and the GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal, with smaller markets that are available among request.

Statements Media Inc.’s digital mobile trucks include features such as:

– digital screens which wrap both sides and rear end

– ability to play full-motion and static ads

– exterior speakers which play full audio

– special packages that are offered to multiple advertisers showing at major events like TIFF and the Pride Parade in Toronto

Their clients include Canon, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, The Brick, and so many more. Their digital mobile trucks stand out among competitors because they can be bundled with other advertisers to allow for special discounted package prices.

After checking out the services at Wild On Media, Accent Media Corp., and Statements Media Inc. and, specifically, seeing how they use mobile trucks as a part of their advertising in Toronto, it’s easy to understand how Toronto embraces mobile trucks and digital advertising in the city. This growing industry is powering the 6IX’s floor plan of future advertising endeavours.

For more on mobile trucks and differentiation from other OOH advertising companies in Toronto, check out the work we do at Movia Media which includes retargeting strategies and specialized, innovative tech approaches.

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