Moving Billboards vs. Vehicle Wraps: Pros and Cons

Marketers spend countless hours crafting advertisements to capture the attention of their audience – and picking the right medium can be difficult, especially in the out-of-home advertising market.

Moving billboards and vehicle wraps share many of the same benefits of transit advertising: they are both noticeable, generally clutter free, and pretty much operate in the same fashion. That being said, they do differ slightly and in the grand scheme of things, will generate different sorts of benefits for your business.
mobile billboards and vehicle wraps benefits and advantages                                                                       Mobile billboards                                                                                                    Vehicle Wraps
To start, mobile billboards are advertisements that are placed on sides of the truck as advertisements. On the other hand, vehicle wrap advertising describes the marketing practice of covering a vehicle in an advertisement or livery.

Benefits of Mobile Billboards

  • Unlike vehicle wrap advertising, with moving billboards you can always easily change your advertisement and generally quickly too. You are not constrained. This is ideal when designing new ad campaigns, product launches, offerings, etc.
  • It will be seen. A well-designed mobile billboard can really pop when driving on the highway or through a highly urbanized city. Mobile billboards are much larger than vehicle wraps and therefore, are better suited for driving through highly congested streets and high-traffic times, as they offer a greater street level view and a larger platform.
  • Unlike fleet graphics, moving billboards are on the road 24/7. Transport Truck Advertisements typically are on the road when making deliveries or attending to specific business related matters.
  • Mobile billboards are much cheaper than vehicle wraps.

Benefits of Wrap Advertising

  • Vehicle wraps, or fleet graphics tend to be brighter and last longer.
  • With fleet graphics you have more flexibility and accountability with who sees your advertisement and when. You are always in control and can pick specific locations to park your vehicle for more specific geographic targeting.
  • Similar to my point above, if you are delivering a product to your customers using your wrapped vehicle, you are targeting more people naturally within that geographic demographic. It is effortless advertising.
  • Even though the initial costs of moving billboard advertising is cheaper, you don’t have to pay to lease your vehicle as you are just driving it around yourself. So in the long term, you won’t ever have to pay again to advertise on the streets. Your marketing strategy becomes a sunken cost. 


As mentioned previously, vehicle wraps and mobile billboards provide similar OOH benefits, but they differ when it comes to long-term or short-term advertising. As such, we recommend investing in both mediums. In the short term, moving billboards work better for creating a buzz on new campaigns or product launches. You can also change information on ads and design new billboards for exciting new offers. Use your mobile billboard advertising strategically. For the long-term, vehicle wraps are superior because it’ll be cheaper and you won’t need to change the information on it. This is only an option to brands that own their own vehicles fleets. You can effortlessly advertise on the go.

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