Is Billboard Advertising right for YOU? Consider these facts…

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a marketing medium that reaches consumers while they are out of their homes or “on the go” in public places. Outdoor Advertising is considered a mass marketing medium, so it is best utilised for large messages, branding and new campaign launches.   
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Within OOH, billboard advertising is the most popular medium. Billboards can be placed on busy highways and intersections, or in specific commercial locations. They offer tremendous visibility as they reach drivers and passersby. Billboard advertisements are the second most effective form of advertising that reaches over 93% of Americans. Sounds great right? But hold on, there is a lot more to consider before jumping straight in.

  • Strategic and customized placement
  • Everyone will see it!
  • Targets a large and diverse market


  • Messages must be brief and impactful
  • Long-term contract commitments
  • Clutter among thousands of other billboards 
With all of this in mind, you may want to consider other outdoor mediums such as a Moving Billboard, transit, digital, mobile, or street furniture. Or maybe after reading this, you’ll know that billboard advertising is just right for you! Goodluck.

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