How to Target your Audience Using Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH)

When it comes to  Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH), targeting your desired audience can be a very hazy area. You may find yourself asking, “if I’m advertising outside, how can I guarantee my desired audience sees?”… Well, keep reading.

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Choose the right audience

Outdoor advertising is a medium that can be extremely effective in segmenting a specific part of your target market. Placing a repeated message or image is a powerful way to ensure that your customers are picking up your product and engaging with your brand. Here are some key ways to segment your audience:

Adjust your advertising campaign to appeal to either younger or older demographics. Millennials tend to respond to pop-culture and witty humour. Studies show that people are more likely to share an advertisement with a friend if it is funny or shocking.

You can target certain age demographics by driving your moving billboard through locations or neighbourhoods that are populated by your desired age group, economic status, lifestyle, etc. For instance, if you are targeting young adults who are active and enjoy the nightlife, having your truck advertising drive through the entertainment districts during high traffic times is ideal. Select specific locations based on where your target audience tends to shops, travels or frequent. Putting your advertisement near your store or in the same area is also proven to increase direct foot traffic.


If it is understood that your target market travels using public transit, it is recommended to use this type of method of advertisement. On the other hand, if your general market spends the majority of their time in cars, mobile billboards or vehicle wraps are recommended


You can also divide the population according to how much time they spend on the road versus walking the streets. If you are aiming for an older demographic, put your advertising vehicle on the highway during rush hour.


Wealthier people tend to drive to work instead of taking public transportation. They are also more likely to pay for express highways. On the other hand, young people and those less economically wealthy take public transit and spend more time walking on the streets.


During long weekends and holidays, families with children tend to spend more time travelling on the road. You may want to amp your marketing during such seasons.

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