How to sell outdoor advertising?

When it comes to selling outdoor advertising, it is a different form compared to other types of media such as television radio and print. Some would say that it can reach further than these other forms. Outdoor advertising is seen every day by millions of people depending on the location. Outdoor advertising is also considered to be out of home advertising, in which the advertisement can attract consumers outside of their home. Outdoor advertising is deemed to be a mass medium; it is more suited to get across broader messages, branding and support campaigns. If you or your agency are considering outdoor advertising remember to keep it short and simple, It can become a very cluttered and confusing message. You will have to get creative and think of a way to draw people’s attention when they are driving past, or walking down the street looking down at their mobile device.


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Types of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a staple of the different forms of media out there today. It reaches hundreds of thousands of people walking, driving, or even taking a sort of transit. Many of these people passing are probably spending 30 seconds or less looking at it. So it usually can have a significant impact on people passing by, when done right. The most common forms of outdoor advertising include:

  • Billboards
  • Point of sales displays
  • Mobile billboards
  • Transit advertising and wraps (busses, taxies, subways, trains. etc.)

Digital billboards
In the past billboards or any form of an outdoor advertisement was merely used to generate brand awareness. It isn’t possible to get across a long message on such a medium that people are only viewing for a few seconds. Try and keep it short and brief and let the other forms of media do the heavy lifting.

With the advancements in mobile technology and websites, outdoor media can now draw people in with QR codes and web addresses, or even snap chat or Instagram. Outdoor can lead people into the business or service by implementing mobile technology into the mix. Which can lead the outdoor campaign to go viral and then convey the more profound message to draw more consumers.


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Cost related to outdoor advertising

With this form of mass-market communication it is not cheap and can cost you or your agency hundreds of thousands. As competition for billboard spaces increase so do their price. The prices are based on gross rating points (GRP). This refers to the number of impressions an outdoor advertisement receives at the location it is at. This is also known as DEC or Daily Effective Circulation. One rating point is equal to 1% of the market population.

Many factors are related to this such as locations, visibility, traffic, size and so on. The rating gives you a showing score anywhere from 1%-100%. 50% means that only 50% of the population in the area would see one of your billboards at least once a day. This can be expected when you spend tens of thousands on 50 showing per month. All depends on the area your advertisement is you get what you pay for.



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Tips for successful outdoor campaigns.

To make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck here are a few tips that can help ensure that your ad will get the most impressions. We live in a world where the smartphone has everyone’s attention, and your ad must be able to grab that attention of the person walking by on their phone. Break the attention to their advice and have them look at your ad by following these steps:

Less is more

Outdoor advertising Is looked at for a few seconds to make sure that the ad is clear and Is not cluttered the more you put, the more confused people will be and not bother looking at your billboard. Keep it simple, have a few words and an outstanding visual to grab the consumers attention.

Look at the competition.

Study the area your ad will run to ensure that there won’t be any other company ads that will pose as a threat. You don’t want your ad to be overlooked and stuck in the shadow of another vibrant and attractive ad.

Spend money on high traffic areas

Don’t waste your money on a cheap site, they won’t be useful, and you end up losing your money on a competitive site that will get you tiny impressions. The little extra money you will spend on a better site will lead you from hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

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