How to Make a Truckside Advertisement Stand Out

Truckside advertisements, or mobile billboards, are standalone executions that can be seen driving through roads both suburban or urban. Confectionary companies, post-secondary educators, government funded organizations, local businesses, and more use truckside advertising to spread messages to well-targeted areas. In order to get the best responses from consumers through truckside messaging, the advertisement must have a way of standing out from previous ads seen before. The majority of truckside advertisements work to inform potential consumers about a business, and convince them to take action by simple, directional copy and a vibrant exterior face. Truckside advertising is the first impression people see on the roads.

There are a few ways to really make a truckside ad shine, and this post will outline those ideas. It’s important to develop a mobile billboard that meets your company’s personality, while still remaining legible and friendly for drivers looking onward. Don’t overdo or overcrowd your advertisement just to look different; the messaging should meet the business model. These are some qualities to consider:


Large vinyl wrapping on trucks turn heads


Image-Driven Ads Generate a Huge Response

Even though it’s important to include some instructional, or witty, text on billboards, truckside advertising is a unique platform which allows advertisers and graphic artists to take advantage of a moving canvas space. Large vinyl wraps covering the truck should be fairly image-focused, as pictures will immediately grasp the viewer’s attention and hold their gaze. Choosing to display big images of the product, upcoming movie or event, or given commodity minimizes the amount of time someone may have to spend reading text. People driving by generally don’t want to read anything other than road signs.

This is not to say don’t include a slogan or company name, because that’s important too, but try to think of how images can work to draw in a roadside audience. Mobile billboards have about 5 seconds to make a good impression, so keep that in mind when designing the vehicle wrap.


Locally targeted truckside advertisements are effective


Locally Specific Ads Work in Given Areas

A truckside advertisement that nods at the culture or community of the area it’s driving through has a greater impact at reaching people. This is so because it shows a demographic audience that the company is in tune with their beliefs and priorities. In order to make a locally specific ad stand out, try incorporating a design or message that speaks to current trends in the area the mobile billboard is passing through. For example, if a mobile billboard is travelling through downtown Toronto, using an expression like “the 6ix” and relating that to your business may grab people. Even though that’s slightly generic, you’d be surprised at how many people will resonate with your business because it’s linked to the area’s slang.

In the design department, try using graphics that showcase a selling point of the neighborhood. Having your product arranged among a prime hotspot featured in the mobile billboard will make consumers correlate that area to your commodity. In this way, the truckside advertisement stands out because it fits in with the destination.


Digital LED displays stand out


Digital LED Displays Shine

Attracting leads is very important for businesses rolling with mobile billboards, and one knockout way to do this is by using digital LED display signage to send bright messages along a chosen route. Screens displaying in motion advertising can be fixed on the sides and backs of trucks to offer live storytelling and impossible to miss advertising. Most LED displays are about 8 ft by 16 ft and are three-panelled. These displays are able to play static images, slideshows, video footage, or professionally produced snippets. Digital LED displays stand out for another major reason: they’re able to advertise at night. LED displays are equipped with high-profile visibility lighting and can carry messages at any time of the day. These truckside advertisements have a 97% recall rate.

After looking at how image-based truckside ads generate a great response, how locally targeted ads connect with consumers, and how digital LED signage stands out among the crowd, it’s a given that truckside advertising is an influential OOH decision. Look into Movia Media to access more information about how we do truckside advertising to make brands pop and remain remembered.

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