How Businesses Benefit From Truckside Advertising

Truckside advertising has a plethora of advantages for businesses just starting out, or businesses with a well-known name brand attached. It’s a unique OOH advertising method that aligns well with a commuter’s daily travel time on the road. When you choose to advertise on the sides and/or rear of a moving vehicle, you’re choosing to promote your business to a niche travelling audience of people. Because truckside advertising is so mobile, the opportunities for high reach and impression counts are among the most major selling point. This short article will outline just how businesses can grow from using truckside advertising in their marketing plan and why mobile billboards can directly lead to more sales.


Truckside ads promote both business and consumer interest


Truckside Advertising is a Mutual Promotion

Truckside ads are well-targeted advertisements that aren’t shy on broadcasting marketing messages to local audiences. It’s a fact that people trust businesses that are close to home, in their area, and have an already understandable reputation. Truckside advertising puts out in local settings, which is a win-win promotion for businesses and customers. The vinyl wraps that cover a truck explicitly present a business in a memorable form, which garners the attention of plausible consumers. After seeing that, those potential customers can better realize the local presence of that business in the area in which they’re driving in. This creates a significant brand presence and localized acceptance, which forms a mutual promotion between advertised business and onlooking consumer.


Mobile billboards can be better targeted depending on the area they're in


Truckside Advertising is More Controllable

Businesses don’t want to feel a loss of control when fleshing out their advertising campaigns. Imagine having a strong business foundation, with a solid product, and striving to get a message out there for people to be able to relate to and desire for- but the advertising medium you choose has a stiff contract that prohibits you from making changes to your campaign, or tracking your impression count, ultimately shielding you from growing further. Well, with truckside advertising, the presentation and structure of your campaign is completely transparent. Businesses are able to track the vehicle that carries the mobile billboard to whatever place it ends up, so you will be aware of who exactly is being reached and what demographic your business message is entering. If a private driver is carrying out your truckside advertisement in a more dense area that is filled with positive target markets, then they can halt the vehicle so those potential buyers have more time with the ad.


Brand awareness takes the form of bright graphics presented on this truckside ad


Truckside Advertising Breathes Brand Awareness

Just take a look at the truckside ad above- it purposefully demands attention. Truckside advertising has that “it factor” on the roads because it will, indefinitely, stand out among all the other vehicles taking to the streets. Through the use of bright, eye-catching graphics and illuminating, interesting typography, businesses can harness a great deal of profitable attention from drivers at an eye level perspective. Mobile billboards grab the focus of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians because they’re the biggest objects on the roads with a righteous advertising message. Paired with a strong designer, or team of creatives, your business can benefit from truckside advertising simply because the brand awareness will be the sole spark on a dismal road.


This truckside ad gives consumers a favorable opinion of the product being advertised


Truckside Advertising Creates Positive Brand Opinions

According to research conducted by Identify Yourself, a fleet branding company, about 75% of people say that they hold a high opinion of companies that take advantage of truck advertising. People who see businesses performing on truckside advertising perceive that that business is more established and successful because of the strong level of outdoor marketing. Businesses who advertise using mobile billboards have a favorable feel to them, and create a long-lasting impression in consumers they meet. By creating a well thought-out OOH campaign on the backs of an advertised vehicle, you’re displaying high levels of superiority in an outdoor space. Truckside advertising owns the road it takes.

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