Fascinating OOH Campaigns That Took It To The Next Level

OOH advertising has been on the rise in the past couple of years. In 2016 Canada’s OOH revenue grew up to US$572 million and is projected to continue growing at 5.1% rate through 2021. Companies are continuously investing in the OOH advertising sector to create more intriguing and fascinating campaigns.

Here are a few OOH campaigns that we found to be brilliant.

Live Streaming Campaign

Who: Facebook

Product: Facebook Live

Location: US & UK

In 2016 Facebook has been giving it all to promote its Live Streaming video product – Facebook Live. The campaign was launched on the streets and in airports using various methods of out-of-home advertising, such as bus wraps, benches, bus stops and billboards. The purpose of the campaign was to educate its consumers about the new Live feature on Facebook and encourage the usage                                                                                                 

facebook live streaming campaign ooh outdoor advertising out-of-home bus stop billboard


facebook live campaign ooh outdoor advertising out-of-home airport billboard


facebook live streaming campaign ooh outdoor advertising out-of-home bus billboard mobile billboard  moving billboard


Narcos Campaign

Who: Netflix

Product: Narcos TV Show

Location: US

In 2017 unexpectedly to viewers one of the famous Netflix TV shows Narcos had released their third season. In order to build more excitement around the TV shows and the new season Netflix launched a unique OOH campaign. The company put stickers across places that “would have been cocaine hotspots in the ’90s, aka bars and clubs and their bathrooms” with lines about Cali Cartel to educate its viewers.

 narcos netflix campaign advertising marketing ooh outdoor out-of-home bar

narcos netflix campaign advertising marketing ooh outdoor out-of-home bar tv shows


Marriott Echo Outdoor Ad

Who: Marriott and Kinetic

Product: Marriott Hotels

Location: UK

At the end of 2017 another company amazed us by its novel OOH campaign. Marriott, the famous hotel chain, in collaboration with Kinetic agency transformed the street of London with its futuristic imagery advertising. A 3-day experiential campaign projected an image over the Thames River giving viewers an opportunity to take some pictures and win a trip.


Marriot_LightVert echo_outdor UK Kinetic OOH out-of-home advertisement ad


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