Moving Billboard Design Ideas for OOH Advertising

Designing an effective moving billboard is much easier said than done. You need to consider factors such as proper branding and easy-to-discern messaging. At the same time, you want your advertisement to be visually stimulating and memorable. Hopefully, these will give you some inspiration for an upcoming campaign for you. 

1. Make it Pop!

Using bright colours, bold texts, and visually stimulating graphics or photographs are the fundamental building blocks to any good OOH advertisement. This is especially true for mobile billboards. Remember, however, “making it pop” does not mean tacky or overdone. Keep it simple, but noticeable.
3D Moving Billboard Designs, Mobile Billboard, Truck Advertising

2. Trick your Viewers

This is my favourite method of truck advertising. There is seriously no better way to grab your viewers attention than to trick them. Is that a truck or a giant mars bar on the highway? Without a doubt, passersby and drivers alike will be turning their heads.
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3. Use “Textures”

Utilising some different textures is also a super creative way to grab your viewers attention.
Moving Billboard, Truck Advertising, Mobile Billboard, Truck Wraps, Truck Advertising Wraps

4. Ha ha

Making your viewers laugh is a smart way to employ word-of-mouth advertising. People will want to talk about your truck advertisement if its funny or exciting enough. These are my personal favourite.
Moving Billboard, Truck Advertising, Mobile Billboard, Truck Wraps, Truck Advertising Wraps

5. 3D Moving Billboard Graphics

3D Moving Billboard Graphics are shown in many examples above. They are powerful, captivating, and inspire when seen in the large, full format of truck advertising. Make sure to get someone that is qualified and experienced when getting your creative completed. If your looking for anyone Barking Dog Creative can make it happen quick! 

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