Comparing Truck side Advertising and Taxi Advertising

These two methods of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising are proven to help any company increase their sales through different types of brand awareness. Wether on a truck or car, there is a benefit to advertising through vehicles. Compared to static billboards, it will be sure to interact with more people, in a multitude of areas, which will greatly increase the types of demographics you will be reaching. Which will obviously help spread your brand to a larger audience.

In this article, I will be going through the ins and outs of truck side advertising and taxi advertising.

Image of a Taxi Ad on a Busy Street

Truck Side Advertising Methods

Truck Side advertising is for sure the louder of the two we are comparing today, just by the sheer difference in size, there is a lot more you can do with a truck than a taxi. On top of that, there is a lot more space to be creative. The grand surface area of a truck allows for marketers and advertisers to think as big as they want when coming up with a specific ad. Also, they have the ability to choose where the ad should go. They can wrap a full truck, the sides of the truck, or just the back. Meaning, a lot of different possibilities of not only creative choices but also in terms of how they end up interacting with potential clients. For example, fully wrapped trucks are seen as the best option as it allows you to cover an incredible amount of surface area. On top of that, it is likely going to be larger than a static billboard. So, not only will it be larger and brighter than a static billboard it will be seen by a lot more people. Driving between city streets and highways, these trucks will be sure to be seen by a lot of potential consumers. Secondly, using the sides of the trucks allows for a large portion of the truck to be utilized. This way, anyone who passes by the truck will be able to see it and have some sort of impression. Finally, the last option is using the rear of the truck. This option gives you the least amount of surface area but this option will be sure to interact with anyone driving behind the truck which is still a great marketing tool to use to your advantage.

Image of Creative Truck Side Ad

Truck Side Advertising GPS Tracking Abilities

The trucks that use their sides usually come with a tracking system that allows you to track the route of the truck as well as the different areas it will be driving past. This allows the company that is branding the ad to study the patterns of the impressions they get to see how they can get the most out of their ad. This is usually done through some GPS tracking method. Some companies use a 24/7 tracking system that allows for constant data being collected on the truck. Through this, they can track the truck live and analyze all the data they receive as soon as possible to see how much interaction it is receiving. The great thing about this feature is that the advertisers can use this data for a multitude of reasons, and all to make their ad or brand more recognizable and in the end see the highest return-on-investment (ROI). This is just one of the features that allows truck side advertising to stay ahead of the curve in the mobile billboard industry.

Tracking Impressions

Another form of data that can be collected is the potential customers who interact with the ad. One company that has figured out a full proof way to execute such a strategy is Movia Media. They have achieved this as they have created proprietary technology that allows a GPS system, that is connected to the truck, to collect impressions through their wifi. How is this done? Well, as long as you have your wifi turned on on your phone (which is almost everyone these days) they’ll be able to connect to your phone and track you as an impression. This technology also makes sure to only get people on the sidewalks to ensure it is actually someone who has the potential to interact with the ad. For example, if one of their trucks is driving down a city street it won’t be able to count people in the adjacent buildings as impressions, just those who are actually beside the truck on the streets. They then do something called mobile retargeting. This allows them to send the ad that they had interacted with earlier to show up as an ad on their phone. This will be sure to help with brand recognition and creating a longer lasting relationship with a brand. On top of that, their proprietary technology is capable of tracking other forms of data to order to help them learn more information about their potential clients, such as, their browsing pattern, engagement history, device type, and even such categories as age and gender. This will be sure to help the company better understand the market on a level that other truck side advertising companies just don’t have access to.

Image of a HualerAds Advertising Campaign

Versatile Features

On top of the different ways to wrap an advertising truck and the way that truck could track impressions, they are also incredibly versatile. There are many ways for them to advertise their brand on trucks and is not just limited to 2D branding. Many truck side advertising companies also utilize the inside of the truck. Really taking advantage of the entire truck. One, Canadian based company, who are well known for this is WildonMedia. They use the inside of their truck to help make their truck ads more creative and interactive. This will be sure to increase foot traffic to their ads. They’ve had campaigns in the past where they would serve food and samples to attract more potential customers. This goes to show how much interacting can be involved with these truck ads. This is such a creative way for an ad campaign to increase interaction with consumer and boost sales. Furthermore, this way, they make the advertising fun for the consumer that is not really possible through other mediums. What this does is is that it allows for a higher chance of their being a positive interaction between the viewer and advertising campaign.

Another thing that these truck side mobile billboards can do is stream different videos and live footage right on the side of the truck. This is another way for the truck to utilize the versatility of these truck to stay ahead of the advertising curve. This method will be sure to turn many heads as it drives past busy city streets. They are able to achieve this through the use of LED screens that can show many different types of videos. On top of that, it can show live content like sport events. Imagine their being a big game in a city (the Raptors in the NBA finals), and you see one of these trucks driving down the street. It would be a huge hit with viewers and will be sure to leave with with a positive interaction. Moreover, they use their own GPS tracking system that allows them to identify which are they are in. They do this to optimize their impressions, for example, they can remotely change what is being shown on the screen and what language is being heard based off the demographic of a specific area or neighbourhood. This is a huge advantage for a brand in terms of market outreach and wanting to cast the widest net possible to see how many potentially new customer they can get.

All these examples should prove to anyone reading this article that a company can not go wrong using truck side advertising. Its versatility, technology, and creative ability will be sure to help any brand gain recognition, awareness, and profits.


Image of Live Content Being Shown on Mobile Billboard Using Truck Side Advertising

Taxi Advertising

Taxis are everywhere. At airports, city streets, suburban areas. Where ever you go, no matter where you go, taxis are a staple. Even now, with Uber and Lyft entering the markert, they are still as prevalent, showcasing how ubiquitous they are in society. Even if some would consider them antiquated at this point they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And with taxis, come taxi advertising. We have all seen them, advertising different brands and ad campaigns all over the place. Either on the side of the door or by the use of a small LED screen on top of the taxi, you can’t miss it. Taxis come with their own list of versatile methods to advertise a company’s brand or campaign. Such features include: two LED face screen, material designed to be unaffected by weather conditions, a backlit to be visible at night time, and the wraps on doors, and in some cases, the entire cab. All of these methods will be sure to help make an ad more visible and easier to interact with. On top of that, taxis are out 24/7 365. No other advertising medium spend as much time in public as them. They are never not out and there is never a shortage of taxi cabs on streets, meaning maximum exposure for any campaign being marketed. It is suggested that taxi ads have 1,750 estimated impressions per face per day Which would be seen as an impressive number for any and all companies who want to utilize mobile advertising.

These taxi cabs also come with their own GPS system, while different from their truck side advertising counterparts, they too have a system to track impressions. So, if you wanted to learn more information about the potential customers who are interacting with your ad there is a way to do it with taxi ads, too.

Furthermore, as suggested in a previous article, the summertime is the best time to take advantage of advertising. And in the summer we see an increase of tourists which also means an increase of taxis taking these tourists please. So, it may be a good idea use these taxi cabs to advertise your brand or campaign during the summer to want to see an increase, in the already large, amount of impressions you’ll get through using taxi ads. Furthermore, as the take up a lot less room than truck side ads, they tend to be a lot more economical So if you want to run an ad that does not take up a lot of surface area and don’t have a lot of capital to spend on it, taxi ads might be your best friend.

Image of Taxi ad on a Busy Street

Which Medium is Best For You?

Now, you should feel informed enough to be able to pick the right type of advertising for you. We already know mobile billboards are an incredible way to advertise, the only question now, is what vehicle is best for you. Well, if you are looking for the grander and more imposing type of mobile advertising then truck side advertising is for you. Truck side advertising is an eye-catching form of advertising, that is a fact, so if you want to make a big splash this will be the best option for you. However, if you want a smaller, more subtle advertising strategy that is cheaper, than taxi ads is the way to go. Either way, mobil billboards are the way of the future, so if you have a company in need to market outreach, increase brand recognition, or just have an ad you need to put out there, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option.


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