How does billboard advertising work?

It is said that on average we receive the impact of approximately 1000 ads per day and that in the end we only remember seven. Nowadays, with the arrival of digital advertising on billboards and advertising panels, it is likely that more will be recognised. Everything depends on creativity and how it is announced. For example, when you are driving a car, it doesn’t matter if it is in a long or short distance, you will see some fantastic billboards!  

 You can find billboards everywhere. Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash.
Billboards come in different shapes and sizes, and end up on huge, pre-made boards that are located on both sides of highways or strategic sites. Outdoor advertising is the kind of publicity we can see in public places: streets, shopping centres, roads, etc. They are used a lot, in general, we have all seen them but how does billboard advertising work?

Advertising that doesn’t rest

Once you install a billboard ad, this will work on promoting your product or service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, be it a holiday or a storm. While other types of ads last only a few seconds or are only active during certain hours of the day. This dramatically increases the number of people who will see the ad.

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A billboard work promoting a product or service 24 hrs per day. Photo by Jamie McInall on Pexels. 

Smart design

Billboard advertising can be like a gigantic blank canvas. Create an attractive and colourful design, and all who go where it is placed will admire it. It will not leave anyone indifferent! If the model is right, it will capture everyone’s attention.

One of the most significant limitations of billboards is the time available to impact the buyer. Therefore, the ads can only consist of a clear, understandable and, if possible, surprising image so that the passer-by can catch it at a glance the phrases, if they exist, must contain short messages, easy to read and understand and allusive to the promoted product. Colour choice is a great tool that makes your message stand out; a good recommendation is to create a colour harmony that highlights the word, also, play with the tones and textures of the composition. With some creativity, it can develop a lot of excellent billboard design ideas.

…But, does it work?

A billboard ad is ideal for building a brand and supporting a campaign, but it should not be used to convey details. Outdoor Advertising is a means to give a quick and direct message.

Despite its limitations, billboards serve an advisory and advertising function for many products, in addition to supporting campaigns disseminated through other media. Billboard advertising is an excellent reminder of campaigns that have been launched with intensity in other media. If your drive is to raise awareness or to publicise a brand, billboards are a great option!. The consumer reinforces the messages he has acquired through other communication channels such as TV or radio, encouraging him to buy the product or get the service.


outdoor advertising, billboards, advertisements The consumer reinforces the messages through the billboards. Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash. 

Billboard ads have many advantages, these can be relatively cheap depending on the size and location of the billboards. In any case, this investment must be weighted towards the type of message that is to be transmitted. Billboards are a means of mass communication. To increase your effectiveness you must think about the frequency and the rotation, that is, the number of billboard ads and the location of them. Remember that you want as much attention as possible. If you only have one ad, the chances of impact are less than having four or five.

Like everything in advertising, billboards have had to adapt to the new dynamics of the market and the diverse demands of consumers; Also, the inclusion of new technologies has allowed the creation of new, more interactive and dynamic supports that would enable the participation of users and the use of new messages. The message in outdoor advertising must be entirely visual and highly creative, with direct and straightforward texts so that they can be understood with a single glance, that complements the image correctly and allows the message to be associated more easily with the product and the brand.

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